Victoria's Secret - Strawberries and Champagne

Victoria’s Secret
Refreshing Body Mist
Strawberry, Champagne, and Cassis

Refresh with fragrance from a Secret Garden, infused with moisturizing Aloe Vera and calming Chamomile. Mist over body after shower or bath for delicately scented skin.

My younger brother came home last night with a huge box full of goodies and one of the things I got is this Refreshing Body Mist from Victoria’s Secret in Strawberries and Champagne scent.

I actually had a choice from three other scents but I opted for this one since it’s the same scent as the lotion I’m currently using. Whatta coincidence, eh? I have to thank my lucky stars. Hehe.

I do love this scent. It’s fruity and delicate. It’s not overpowering and nauseatingly heavy. I’ve been using this scent for quite a bit now. Well, at least, whenever I feel like the need to use lotion or if it’s not too warm to apply it, that is.

I so love getting girl-y gifts. Thanks, bro! Heehee.

Photo© 2008 Sasha Manuel