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For a majority of my life, I’ve had combination skin. It’s been super oily in the t-zone and totally normal on the perimeter of my face. It wasn’t until this winter when I started a new acne treatment (which I’ll be detailing for you soon, so stay tuned) that my skin turned from a sweaty beach day to the frickin’ Sahara.

I seriously wasn’t equipped for this since all my skincare was for detoxing and oil control, not soothing and hydration. I had to head out and purchase a shit ton of new products. I found that many of the skincare products I started using were great for hydration but I always thought they needed a little boost.

After some deep thought, I came up with the genius idea of storing my LUSH Tea Tree Water in the fridge because I figured it would be a great way to a) wake my ass up in the morning and b) soothe my inflamed, irritated skin. After spritzing my face with this cool toner, I felt the need to try this whole refrigerator theory with all of my new dry skin/calming/soothing products.

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Origins Maskimizer Skin-Optimizing Mask (Sephora, $22)


This product literally just hit the shelves and I couldn’t be more excited about it. Talk about an innovative product! Meet the beauty industry’s first mask primer. This primer will prep, primer and optimize your skin for the mask to follow. It will help your mask spread way easier will cause it to be more visible all while it’s hydrating, soothing and boosting your skin’s radiance. This spray primer will help improve the efficiency of any type of mask except a peel-off. It’s definitely something that would be great in the fridge since it will help to calm and cool your skin before you even pop your mask on.

First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Hydrating Serum (Sephora, $36)


This hydrating serum has been my absolute go-to this month since my skin has been hella dry. I love a good hydrating serum and while this covers the hydration side of things, if you use this after you store it in the fridge it’s even better. After using this serum, my skin is always more visibly plump and smooth not to mention calmed down since it’s cooling the surface as well. Best of all, since this product is by First Aid Beauty it’s safe for even the most sensitive of skin types.

Eve Lom Moisture Mask (Sephora, $90)

Eve Lom

Since I’m a dry, flaky mess this season, I’ve been using tons of moisturizing masks but this one is definitely in my top three. This mask feels so extra when you leave it in the fridge a bit before applying it. As soon as you slop it on, you’re relieved of irritated, dry skin. You can use this mask about twice a week or whenever your skin feels thirsty and dehydrated.

LUSH Tea Tree Water (LUSH Cosmetics, $10.95)


First of all, for years this has been my go-to toner. I’m obsessed with the clarifying ingredients in it and I can definitely tell that it makes a difference in controlling my oily skin (when it’s actually oily). Especially in the warmer months, I can’t live without this toner when it’s in the fridge. It’s an amazing spray of fresh, cool liquid that truly just calms and soothes your skin instantly.

Smashbox Primer Water (Sephora, $32)


This Smashbox Primer Water is insanely good when you spray it after being in the fridge. Just like the Tea Tree Water, it’s a great way to instantly cool down. This primer spray acts as a primer, hydrator and finishing spray that is free of silicone, alcohol and oil. I use this before I apply my makeup and after to mush all the powders all together to make them look more uniform and natural.

Karuna Age-Defying+ Face Mask (Sephora, $28)


Sheet masks are currently a sick obsession of mine. I literally collect them. I never really thought about putting them into the fridge before using them until one day when I was purchasing this mask, the woman cashing me out raved about it after she used it after storing it in the refrigerator. Naturally, I went home and tried it and she was right. It almost felt to me like the benefits of the mask were enhanced. I loved the cooling and calming sensation that went along with my twenty minute trip to paradise with this mask–not to mention I woke up with baby butt skin the next morning.