Two cosmetic darlings of the beauty industry – Juice Beauty and Philosophy – are having sample sales today! Prices are discounted as much as 40%, and you can save on your favorite organic, natural, super-good-for-you products.



While checking out Juice Beauty, you MUST take advantage of their green apple line – I love their cleanser, and use it all the time!

Over at RueLaLa, you’ll find Philosophy beauty on sale, also at about 40% off. My tip: JUMP on the Philosophy Skincare On-the-Go Travel Set. It’s normally $81, but is now $49 for the next day or so – and includes all your must-have travel essentials.

Take it from someone who travels for business A LOT…you cannot count on your hotel having all your necessities – or ones that compliment your needs. Take your tried-and-true products with you, and you’ll never find yourself coming home with dry, scratchy skin because you accidentally committed a skin-don’t.
Juice Beauty

Philosophy beauty

If you love beauty sales, you are in for a treat soon. On September 1, will launch – it will be a site ALL of private beauty sales! Nothing else but beauty! Will share more info very soon, but rest assured it’s something me and my beauty blogger friends are all ridiculously excited about!