Beauty ToolsWe know that makeup doesn’t last forever. If you’ve ever put an expired gloss on your lips, you will have learned this lesson quickly. You may think that you never need to replace your beauty tools because you don’t have to worry about them tasting curdled milk mixed with asphalt but not all of them are buy-once-keep-for-life. If you take care of your makeup brushes, a set could last you for life but the same rules don’t apply to other products.

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If you don’t remember the last time you bought these products, it’s time to replace them:

1. SpongesUlta Beauty Wedges

(Beauty Wedges, $1.99, Ulta)

You probably have a few sponges floating around at the bottom of your makeup bag. Even if you wash them, they can easily become a breeding ground for bacteria. Plus, using a dirty sponge on your face can make you break out. If you’ve been using the same makeup-covered sponge forever, get some new ones. Even your beloved beauty blenders will eventually need to be replaced due to wear and tear.

2. Scrub Brush HeadsClarisonic Deep Pore Replacement Brush Head

(Deep Pore Replacement Brush Head, $27, Clarisonic)

If you splurged on a scrub brush, the last thing you probably want to hear if that you need to spend more money on replacement brush heads. Sorry but you do, unless you bought a brush that doesn’t have the traditional bristle brush, like the FOREO Luna. The bristles get worn on your scrub brush just like they do on your toothbrush. To ensure your brush is working to its optimal ability, switch the head when it shows signs of wear.

3. Eyelash Curler PadShisheido Eyelash Curler Pad

(Eyelash Curler Replacement Pad, $6, Shiseido)

Have you ever cleaned your eyelash curler? Has the thought ever crossed your mind? You don’t need to replace you actual eyelash curler but you should be switching the silicon rubber pads on it. They’ll eventually start wearing down from all the clamping down your lashes. Plus, even if you remember to wash it, it can still spread bacteria. Make a note to get new pads. The eye area is one spot on your face that you definitely don’t want to mess around with.

4. HairbrushesBrush Lab Volume Brush

(Volume Square Cushion Paddle Brush, $11.99, Brush Lab

A good hairbrush can last a long time. You definitely don’t need to replace it as often as you do your lipstick. After awhile, the bristles (natural or synthetic) will probably start coming out. Furthermore, all that hair wrapped around the base that you could never get out when you washed it will only keep building up. To keep your locks looking as good as Rapunzel’s, toss that old brush.

5. Orange Wooden StickTweezerman Manicure Sticks

(Manicure Sticks, $5, Tweezerman)

Just think about this one for a second. You clean under your nails with that stick, do you really want to be using the same one you did two months ago? Ick. Furthermore, they will eventually become dull and they can start to splinter. Orange sticks are cheap so you can get a whole new package for a few dollars.

6. LoofahsBody Benefits Delicate Bath Sponge

 (Delicate Bath Sponge, $1.99, Body Benefits)

Over time, your bath sponge will stretch out. It can get to a point where it look more like a net washcloth than a round ball. When it starts stretching out, replace it. You can’t expect to get a good exfoliation with one that looks like a misshapen rag.

7. Nail FileSephora 3-Pack Emery Boards

(In Good Shape: Set Of 3 Emery Nail Files, $6, Sephora)

Don’t toss any of those free nail files you always seem to be getting with things because eventually you are going to need them. They don’t just come in multi-packs so you can have a nail file in every drawer. It’s because eventually emery boards wear down. If that nail file couldn’t shape pudding, it’s time for a new one.

(Photo: colecom/iStock)