I’m always looking for anything that I can slather on my feet and toss some socks over in the name of beauty. It’s not just that my feet are dry, it’s that I enjoy multi-tasking.

For instance: today’s treatment, putting on coconut oil and then socks, called for me to execute two simple steps and then carry on with my normal, daily business. All in all, it went quite well.

You don’t need much for this BTfH, just some coconut oil and a pair of socks:

Surprisingly enough, coconut oil is kind of hard. Mine had been sitting by the coffeemaker all morning, which was turned on, so it was warmed up and gooey. If your coconut oil (which you can purchase at most grocery stores, and definitely at fancy food purveyors like Whole Foods) hasn’t been exposed to the same atmospheric conditions, you might want to scoop a little into a bowl and heat it in the microwave for a few seconds.

Once you’ve done that, simply slather it on your feet. Then, put your socks on. I chose polka dots:

Then, just leave that shit on for as long as you want. Some websites will tell you to sleep in it. Others will suggest that you simply let it soak in for a few hours. As for me, I left it on for about 120 minutes, otherwise known as the average length of a feature film. Here’s how my feet looked when it was over:

So, exactly the same! But they feel super soft. The only weird thing here is how the coconut oil kind of gets in between your toes. I’ll be honest, that felt gross.