A waxing salon run by former Real Housewife Of New York Cindy Barshop has finally come up with something even more offensive than vajazzling: fancy merkins made out of real fur and feathers from real slaughtered animals. For this absurd beauty procedure, the client’s pubic hair is waxed completely off and replaced with a wig made of either fox fur (“the Foxy Bikini”) or feathers (“the Carnivale”), so that it looks like you’re starring in a tacky porno for furries. They cost $225 and $195, respectively.

“People are loving the concept, it is so over the top,” Barshop told Today.com. “Feathers and colorful fur were shown on a lot of the runway shows and I thought, let’s bring back the merkin incorporating these hot trends and allow ladies to wear something fabulous down there.” Allow us. Like we’ve just been begging for furkins for years.

Besides the obvious ethical problems that come with wearing fur, doesn’t this defeat the point of waxing in the first place? Why go through all that pain and suffering to be hairless down there if you’re just going to cover it up with a wig? Wigs can go over your real hair, you know.

(Via Gawker)