Meet Lindsey Hughes, one of your new favorite beauty bloggers! Under the name beautybaby44, she takes us through her daily life, shows off her awesome wardrobe, and teaches us how to use makeup like it’s our freaking jobs. If you need a little taste of her channel before you fully commit, here are five of her best videos. You’re welcome!

1. MY NEW ROOM! Okay, so maybe I’m just a sucker for tour videos, but Lindsey’s decorations are always adorable as can be. Her commentary is relaxing and fun, and this video is kind of enviable, in a I-wish-I-were-that-cool-in-high-school way. This is her most popular video, too, so I guess I’m not that weird.

2. Hunger Games Inspired Makeup, Hair, & Outfit. If you’re looking to achieve that “I’m murdering other children in a dystopian society” look, Lindsey has your back. This makeup tutorial is supposedly inspired by the Hunger Games trilogy, but I’d probably wear it on a normal night out.

3. What’s In My Purse(s)? What’s more fun than living vicariously through strangers on the internet? I’m in love with her Celine bag, and I’m kind of obsessed with listening to her talk about what she carries around on a daily basis.

4. My Everyday Winter Makeup Routine. Unless you’re in the southern hemisphere, it’s far from winter– but if you’re missing the snow, this makeup tutorial is on point.

5. Products I’ve Used Up! Lindsey does a lot of these videos, wherein she just goes through everything she’s bought recently and discusses the quality of the products, and I can’t get enough of them. There’s something really pleasant about them, like you’re listening to a friend.

Be sure to check her out– and to follow her on Twitter— and let us know if she becomes one of your new favorite beauty bloggers!