Poorly applied foundation can kill even the prettiest eye and lipstick looks. That’s why we have countless brushes and sponges to apply our liquid makeup for a flawless look. Streaky blush or highlighter can ruin a look just as much, but beautyblender has come up with a sponge, the beauty.blusher cheeky ($16), to help us achieve a beautiful finish every time.

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The beautyblender beauty.blusher cheeky is meant to apply cream blushes and holographic highlighters. When you first look at it, it has the iconic teardrop shape as the original beautyblender. However, it’s not the same. Besides coming in an eye-catching grapefruit color, the beauty.blusher cheeky is smaller than the OG blender. It’s a medium size to help deposit the perfect amount of color on cheeks.


It you’ve used a beautyblender before, you’ll have no trouble adjusting to the cheeky version. The latex-free sponge still has the same wet.squeeze.bounce routine and aqua-activated material. When water is added, the sponge expands to twice its size, creating a smooth and bouncy surface to apply your product then dab it on your face.

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If you’ve been using finicky brushes to apply your glitter and highlighter, or you’ve been getting your hands dirty, try the beautyblender beauty.blusher cheeky out today. We bet it’ll become a staple in your makeup kit.


(Photos: beautyblender)