Are you still admiring beautyblender‘s marbleized blenders? Try to tear your eyes away from them for a second because beautyblender has released a tool that will help all of your blenders stay gorgeous, the appropriately named ($20).

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The kit includes the a mini version of the brand’s blendercleanser solid and a packette of the liquid blendercleanser. The cleansers are meant to be used in conjunction with a textured diamond-shaped mitt that makes it easy to scrub all of the built up dirt and grime on beauty tools.

The textured cleansing mitt easily slips over your hand so you can rub blenders, sponges and makeup brushes over top of it with the other. Once all of the caked on makeup has been removed from beauty tools, they can be left to dry before your next flawless makeup application.

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Given that our beauty tool collections expand with every swoon-worthy brush and blender launch, it’s important that we have the right products to keep them in top condition. You can get your own beautyblender from Sephora for $20 and they’re available to buy now.