liner designer 3Back in January when Beautyblender announced their newest product, the beauty blogosphere went nuts. Here are just a few of the post titles: “Beautyblender’s Newest Product Will Help You Get Instagram-Worthy Cat Eyes,” “This New Beauty Tool Will Change the Way You Do Cat-Eyes Forever,” “The Ingenious Tool That Lets You Get the Perfect Cat Eye Every Time,” and ours, “The Beautyblender Liner Designer Is the Cat Eye Solution You Have Been Waiting For.” And it makes total sense, because this product. sounds. awesome. A tool that will help me get a perfectly straight cat eye that actually matches on each eye? Sign me up.

To start off, I love Beautyblender. Those little sponges are actually phenomenal. The awesome people at Beautyblender even invited me to the product launch, where I met the lovely founder Rea Ann and also Brandy. (Yes, Brandy “the boy is mine” Norwood.) There were makeup artists there who used the Liner Designer on me, giving me a gorgeous cat eye in a smoky grey. They even gave me a personalized Liner Designer case!

liner designer 2All of this is to say that it pains me to tell you guys that the Liner Designer is not worth the money. I was almost dreading testing the product because I knew it was not going to live up to the hype, and I didn’t want to disappoint you. I could tell that the makeup artist using the little guitar pick on my eyes at the launch just wanted to throw it across the room and do it herself. I mean, this is a woman who draws perfect cat eyes for a living. Literally. And unfortunately, that’s sort of how I felt when I tried it myself.

Here are all the glorious cat eye creations you can supposedly create with this little pink guitar pick.

liner-looks-realYAS QWEEN. Of COURSE I want those beauteous lines on my face—who doesn’t?? Now let’s watch me attempting to actually use the Liner Designer. To start, I warmed it up between my hands as instructed, and placed it carefully along my lashline. (And yes I know these pictures are creepy—I needed both hands, a mirror, and an assistant for this operation.)

linern designer 4Then, I got to painting. It wasn’t impossible, but it also wasn’t really adding anything to the process. More than anything I felt like it was getting in the way. First of all (and maybe I’m just incompetent), it’s tough to hold it in one place as you draw your line. Also, you can’t really get a good sense of what you’re doing as you’re doing it, so at some point you’ll want to take it away to look at the line, but then it’s near impossible to get it back in the exact placement. (Wow I need to clean my mirror, sorry guys.)

liner designer 5Admittedly, the left eye did not turn out terribly. It was a very flat line that was pretty straight, but did not extend as far out as I meant it to and required some touching up afterwards. My right eye on the other hand… For the right eye I decided to try the most curved edge of the Liner Designer, which is probably the one I would use most anyway. And just…

liner designer

Please don’t make fun of my eyebrows—they need some TLC.

Although yes, the bottom edge of the line is straight, the Liner Designer doesn’t help with the top of the line or the tip of the wing—in fact it’s more of an encumbrance than anything. Sure, you could move the pick around and keep drawing until every part is as straight / pointed as you want, but it seems to be more trouble than it’s worth. Not to mention that there will be liner on it, so you need to clean it off in between each placement.

Unfortunately, the Liner Designer is an awesome idea that simply isn’t worth it in practice. If you want a perfect cat eye, you’d be better served by simply buying a marker-style liquid liner like the Stila Stay All Day and spending a few minutes practicing. I know we go through some crazy, irksome things in the name of beauty and Beautyblender was trying to help, but this well-intentioned product will only complicate things in the cat eye department.