get your swirl on 7/8 on @sephora dot com ? {VIB you get to swirl now! link in bio}

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The most important thing for any beauty tool is that is works. However, we cannot resist beauty tools that do their job and are gorgeous. There’s a reason why unicorn and mermaid makeup brushes have been blowing up online. It’s also why we are thrilled to see that the beautyblender has had a gorgeous makeover and we’ll soon be able to get our hands on a swirled version.

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Beautyblender has been teasing the launch of the upcoming beautyblender Swirl on Instagram. The latest addition to the beautyblender family still has the iconic teardrop shape, however, the classic solid pink design has been replaced with a swirling one that mixes light and hot pink tones.

If you’re a fan of marbleized finishes, you’re going to like the limited-edition beautyblender because it could almost pass for a pink stone. The swirl finish also almost makes it too pretty to use. “Almost” being the key word.

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If you’re a Sephora VIB Rouge member, you’ll be pleased to know that you can pick up the beautyblender Swirl right now on the Sephora website for $20.

If you’re not a Sephora VIB Rouge member, don’t worry, because everyone can get their own beautyblender Swirl on July 8 when it launches for everyone.

The new limited-edition beautyblender Swirl launches July 8 at Sephora.