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(Photo: Instagram/beccacosmetics)

When BECCA Cosmetics announced that it was making their Shimmering Skin Perfector formula into a blush, I immediately perked up.

Everyone and their mother decided that Champagne Pop was the most perfect highlighter out there, so why would a colored version to add a little flush to your cheeks be any different? I was for sure ready for this to be a sell-out product, so I had to test it out.

First things first, let’s go over the logistics. Each compact will run you $34 and they’re sold online and in stores at Sephora and Ulta and at There are only two shades available right now (Snapdragon and Tigerlily), both of which are on the bright and bold side, with a coral-y pink and a brighter orange. Four other shades (Dahlia, Camelia, Foxglove and Brushed Copper) will be available in May. I received two of the shades not available yet, Foxglove (a shimmery pink) and Dahlia (a deep red). While the Dahlia color is gorgeous, it’s definitely too dark for my skin tone, though it could be really great for an eyeshadow or added to an ombré lip.

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So, I decided to test out Foxglove. Right off the bat. the color is bright in the compact, and you can see the luminosity of it pretty easily (just like you’d expect from a BECCA product). And even on your hand, the product is INCREDIBLY pigmented, like shockingly so. It’s probably more pigmented than some eyeshadows I’ve tested. And while this may seem like a good thing at first (more pigmentation, less product used, more time you have to use it), it’s a little scary. the last thing I want from my blush is to have it make me look like I just time traveled from the ’80s.


What I really wanted to see is if this could save me time from applying both my blush and highlighter in the morning, as it seems the product was made for. Here’s my face sans blush/highlighter.


Click through to see what the BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfector Luminous Blush in Foxglove looked like.

Here’s Foxglove on me:



Front the front, it’s actually super pretty but turn to the side and it’s like BAM, pink. I literally just dabbed the brush once into the compact and it was a super fluffy brush, too. It’s a little disconcerting that this blush is this bright. I literally used a makeup remover wipe to get some of the excess off. I kind of felt like I looked like a babydoll that had its blush drawn onto its skin when I turned to the side. If you’re into wearing bright blush (I am not, but you do you) then you have found the best product out there. While I really want to like this, I have to say I may not use it for everyday wear. If I’m going out and heavily contouring or making my eyeliner wings touch my damn temples, this would go great with it, because it does give a really, really nice luminous glow to your cheeks.

The issue could also be that the color isn’t right for me. I may have to lean more towards the peach tones to find a color that feels more natural to me, so I may try again with Camellia or Blushed Copper, since the formula itself really is nice. It’s super soft and doesn’t feel overly sparkly like a lot of “luminous” colored products on the market.

Verdict: Personally, I think I’ll stick to the highlighters from BECCA Cosmetics from now on for a nice glow on my cheeks paired with something a little softer, but that probably has to do with my makeup routine usually leaning on the more natural side, so this blush may be for the more advanced makeup wearers. If you’re looking for bold blush that will save you the two minutes of blush + highlighting you do, then this is perfect for you. For me personally, it feels more like a once-in-a-while product that may just end up lost in my makeup bag.