How to get sexy bedhead hair like Alexa Chung.

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Do you experience hair envy every time you see the likes of Kate Moss or Alexa Chung with their perfectly tousled laissez-faire bed head? Do you go to bed each night hoping that one of these mornings you’re going to wake up with just the right amount of volume, wave and frizz to be able to walk out the door sans primping? I’m here to let you know unless you’re Kate Moss or maybe Jessa from Girls, it’s probably not going to happen on its own. As I discovered recently during my wax poetic on looking sexily carefree, a lot of effort is required to look effortless. Especially if your idea of effortless includes perfectly imperfect rumpled by angels morning after hair.

How to get sexy bedhead hair like Miranda Kerr.

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But lucky for you, I have solved the bed head mystery and recreated that “just woke up” hair. And though it isn’t as easy as just waking up and walking out the door with the help of a few go to products it isn’t as impossible as I once fathomed… CC: my 20-year-old self an hour before winter formal with a comb stuck in my baby powder-chalked hair. Despite ultimately wanting your hair to look like a hot dirty mess, I find starting with wet, clean hair to be best. Section your hair off and blow-dry it with a paddle brush. Don’t worry about making it perfect just aim to smooth out the frizz. If you have fine hair I suggest running a volumizing mousse through your hair, focusing on your roots pre-blow-dry. Once your hair is dry section it off using bobby pins, elastics, paper clip, whatever else you can find to secure little buns around your hair, allowing you to focus on just one small section of hair at a time. Now take a 1 1/4” barrel curling iron and pull a single section of hair through it, clamping it down at the top and pulling it straight down. Next, clamp the curling iron to the top of the section, clamp facing forwards, toward your mirror. Now gently pulsing the clamp turn the curling iron around the hair counter clockwise, working your way to the ends of your hair. This pulse and turn motion is the bend and snap of hair of curling. It is crucial that you don’t hold the curling iron in one place for too long as you want loose curls not tight ringlets. Check out our simple tutorial on how to get sex bed head hair! After you’ve figured out the pulse-and-turn on one section repeat on each section. Pinning each section back up once you’ve finished curling it. Once you’ve curled and re-pinned each section, spray your entire head with hairspray. Check out our simple tutorial on how to get sex bed head hair! Next carefully take out whatever devices you’ve used to secure your buns with. Brush out your curls, admire them and their bouncy nature but don’t get too attached because we’re about to Mess. Shit. Up. In the best way possible. Check out our simple tutorial on how to get sex bed head hair! Take your favorite rendition of salt spray, weather that is homemade, Bumble and Bumble, or whatever kind you can find at your local drug store and douse your head in a healthy portion of it, scrunching and twisting your hair as you go. This should give it a great looking texture and a little of the good kind of frizz a.k.a. the kind that comes from a good romp around in the sheets.

Lastly, take your go-to dry shampoo and flip your head over. Aiming the nozzle at your roots, but keeping a safe difference so as not to end up with white streaks, spray a generous amount of dry shampoo. Massage the powder into your scalp. Then flip your hair back over and do the same to the crown of your head, spray and massage. Then give your mane a blast of hot air with the blow dryer to set the product. Take a nap (or don’t, but we’ll always recommend you do).

Check out our simple tutorial on how to get sex bed head hair!

Viola, big, sexy, I woke up like this hair!

Check out our simple tutorial on how to get sex bed head hair!

Watch out Kate Moss, we’re onto you, well your hair at least.