beer bathBeer has long had supposed beauty benefits. Cleopatra was said to have bathed in beer to keep her skin nice, and my great-aunt swore that a regular beer rinse kept her hair from going gray. Now a centuries-old Austrian brewery has decided to upgrade the mundane pool party with beer’s supposed beauty-enhancing properties by just going ahead and filling all their swimming pools with beer.

That’s right. A few hours outside of Munich there is a castle that has swimming pools full of beer. The Starkenberger castle has been a brewery for more than 100 years, and the brewery has been operated by women since its beginnings. The current operators recently had the bright idea of filling their swimming pools with beer to create a spalike environment that is part relaxing health dip and part foamy frat party, depending on the guests’ inclinations.

According to The Daily Meal‘s Jessica Chou, the beer bath is supposed to be rich in vitamins and calcium, which makes a long beer soak good for one’s skin. It’s even supposed to be able to help heal skin conditions like psoriasis and open wounds, but we don’t really like the idea of soaking in beer with other people’s open wounds in it.

There are seven heated pools in a Turkish bath-esque hall, and renting one for a few hours runs $298 per pool, plus $6.50 per person. It comes with beer crackers, a “Tyrolean meat spread,” and some beer that hasn’t had people soaking in it, because you really shouldn’t be drinking the stuff out of the pool.

Of course, if Austria is a bit too far for a day trip, one could always start by filling a bathtub with a couple cases of Milwaukee’s Best from Costco.

Via The Daily Meal/Photo: Shutterstock