No matter how much our mothers and favorite beauty blogs (hi!…I hope!) tell us to lather our bodies in sunscreen, we have all occasionally stayed out in the sun much longer than would be advisable. Being the eerie shade of skim milk blue that I am, I have a couple of sunburns under my belt and oh my goodness, they are always so embarrassing-looking. So, when I saw that a woman on Reddit had managed to perfectly cover up her own painfully vivid burn using just makeup, I simply had to share.

Reddit user bookbabe85 posted, “Thanks Kat Von D for covering up my foolish summer lifestyle choices. Lock It Tattoo Foundation is no joke.” She accompanied her post with these before and after photos:

The Before & After Photos Of This Woman's Sunburn Will Make You Try Kat Von D's Makeup ASAP The Before & After Photos Of This Woman's Sunburn Will Make You Try Kat Von D's Makeup ASAP

Uh, talk about a disappearing act. I’m seriously debating going out and getting Kat Von D Lock-It Tattoo Foundation at the Sephora down the block from our office during lunch. I have a bit of experience with Kat Von D’s makeup line, and for the record, it has some amazing options for us pale girls who typically have to settle for concealers slightly darker than our skin tones. Of course, we should all wear sunscreen underneath our makeup regardless so burns don’t occur (that’s my one obligatory SPF nudge, sorry!), but it’s good to know that if we do make a mistake, we can at least not look like tomatoes for the rest of the week.

Now, obviously bookbabe85 is pretty fantastic at makeup (just look at her cute cateye), but this is also an example of why searching the Internet for makeup tips and experiences is so great: you find out what works, and what doesn’t. We at The Gloss have found and shared products that just plain don’t work in the past, because who seriously wants to drop $20 (or even $2) on something that totally doesn’t work? So, thanks once again to Reddit for its plethora of awesome information on beauty and…well, basically everything else. Ever.