bench/ Green Tea facial cleanser

Think baby wipes but used to clean and refresh facial skin. I came across this product during my last minute shopping for my trip (I’m back in Manila btw). I reckon it’ll prove to be a handy thing for travels esp something like what I just had.

A couple of things I expected were issues on time constraints and mobility. I still had hygienic needs esp my face. Will I have time to dash off to a powder room to freshen up? Would it be too bulky to bring soap and a towel while I walk around? What about the long bus ride I was planning to take? These things I had consider. I had to choose between thorough cleansing or something I make do with while on the move.

This Green Tea Invigorating Facial Cleanser from a local brand bench/ provided a certain amount of comfort in terms of immediate needs. It’s very travel friendly cuz of its size (you can easily shove it in your pocket), resealable pack and economical use. I can’t guarantee that it does nourish the skin — it says it has Vitamins E & C — but it is refreshing. This facial cleanser can remove makeup and dirt.

I got this feeling that I was using an astringent of some sort but somehow I also felt that it’s too gentle to be one. It didn’t make my skin feel “stretched” if you know what I mean. It didn’t dry up my skin either, which was great!

I still prefer facial foams but if you need something to bring with you that can do the job quickly, this one ought to be a good option. It’s very affordable, only Php 12.00. I bought mine at First Aid in Greenbelt.

Photo© 2008 Sasha Manuel