There are tons of eyeshadow palettes and plenty of highlighter palettes launching every day, but where are all of the blush palettes at? There are a some good options out there, but there could be more. That’s why we were excited to hear that Benefit Cosmetics is launching the Blush Bar  Palette ($58).

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Benefit Cosmetics has a number of popular blush shades. The Blush Bar Palette brings some of our favorites together, along with a bronzer and a new launch. After teasing the release of the palette, Benefit shared a preview of the open package online. From the snap, we can see that there are five shades as well as a mini brush to apply them all.

The shades in the palette include Galifornia (radiant golden pink), Dandelion (radiant soft pink), Hoola (matte bronzer), and Rockateur (radiant rose gold). Last but not least, the palette features Gold Rush (shimmering golden nectar blush), a new launch that has been hyped by many beauty bloggers.

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Sephora reports that the palette has shades to flatter all skin tones and there are options to brighten, contour and define. What more could you ask for?

The Blush Bar Palette has a value of $145 dollars but you can snag it for $58. What’s even better is that it’s launching soon. Very soon. The Benefit Cosmetics Blush Bar Palette will launch exclusively at Sephora on March 8 in stores and online. Just be aware that it’s limited edition so it’s not going to around forever.

The Benefit Cosmetics Blush Bar Palette launches exclusively at Sephora on March 8 in stores and online.