hangover cureHappy St. Patrick’s day, lushes.

St. Patrick’s day means three things: green malarky, no snakes in Ireland, and unparalleled drunkenness. Whether you’re celebrating by engaging in very public raucousness or getting hammered in the safety of your own home, you might be a little hungover tomorrow. Fortunately for party animals in Chicago, Boston and San Francisco, Benefit and TaskRabbit* are teaming up to have your back.

According to Fashionista, if you feel like a hot mess out of hell tomorrow morning, all you have to do is tweet @BenefitBeauty with the hashtag #LuckyBoost between 9 a.m. and noon local time and ask for a “hangover cure package.” If you’re one of the lucky randomly selected tweeters, TaskRabbit will deliver a kit of Benefit wares complete with the beloved They’re Real mascara and Fakeup hydrating concealer to brighten your hungover eyes and conceal your hangover-related blemishes, as well as painkillers, snacks and dry shampoo.

How adorable is do these hangover kits sound? There might not be a real cure for hangovers, but some free snacks and a fresh face of makeup can make you look and feel at least a little better.  If I caught a Leprechaun, I’d totally ask him to have Benefit extend this to New York (Leprechauns grant wishes, right?).

*TaskRabbit, for those unfamiliar, is a service that allows users to hire people to do their errands. For example, I had a friend hire someone to be a designated driver for her and her buddies when they went on a wine tasting. Once, I was tempted to hire a TaskRabbit to pickup Kimchi and cheddar popcorn for me, but didn’t follow through because I was too lazy to sign up.

via Fashionista//Image via Shutterstock