photo 1I am a sucker for a novelty beauty product. When Joey from Friends got a job advertising blue lipstick in Japan, I did not get the joke because I thought he looked awesome. So when I walked into the Benefit boutique in Chicago last week and the sales representative said, “We just came out with a new blue mascara,” it was a foregone conclusion that I’d be leaving with at least one tube.

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Benefit’s They’re Real mascara and They’re Real push-up liner are now available in some cool, weird colors. The mascara is available in brown and blue, and the liner is available in brown, blue, purple, and green. Honestly, I wanted to try all of them, but I managed to leave with just one tube of They’re Real mascara in Beyond Blue.

Here’s what it looked like:

photo 2

I was thrilled to see the color in the tube, because so often “colorful” mascara is very dark and subtle. “Red” is usually a deep brown, and “purple” is almost invariably a dark aubergine that looks black from even a few inches away, so I would not have been surprised to open my tube and discover a dark, subtle navy. But Beyond Blue looked really blue.

Here’s what I looked like in my “before” photo, wearing plain black mascara.


And here’s what They’re Real in Beyond Blue looks like on:


Personally, I dig it. It’s bright and pretty but not so editorial that it feels weird or costumey. I applied it over a coat of black mascara, because the sales associate said that would look good.

Here is a closeup:


I really like it up close.

Having worn it outside for a little bit, I have decided that I am a fan. I like that it is bright and unusual, but still pretty. Most of all I like that it actually looks blue. I’m sold.

What do you think, is Benefit’s new Beyond Blue mascara cool or just too out-there for real life?