dove-cool-moisture-foaming-facial.jpgDove Cool Moisture Foaming Facial Cleanser

This foaming facial cleanser works into a rich lather that deeply cleans and moisturizes your skin. Gently cleanses tired, stressed skin and leaves your face refreshed and hydrated.

I’ve been using this facial foam for weeks now. Actually, I use two different foams, one is for exfoliation purposes from Pond’s (which I’ll probably tell you guys about in a later post) and this one from Dove, which mainly addresses my need to moisturise, and hydrate my skin. I reckon I already mentioned just how frequent I wash my face in a day. With the rate I’m going, I don’t want to scrub my skin too much with the other facial scrub that’s why I opt to have one that doesn’t have the beads in it.

I’m a Dove user. I have their exfoliating beauty bars and shower creams plus I also have their moisturising cream bars on top of the facial foam. I’m sort of used to using the bars so the idea of trying out their facial foam was a given. I wasn’t disappointed.

This foaming facial cleanser is said to contain pure cucumber extract, calming green tea, moisturizing cream (it moisturizes your skin as you cleanse), gentle formula with vitamins A & E, minerals and anti-oxidants (leaving you with healthy glowing skin). It’s also Hypo-allergenic and non-comedogenic, which is suitable to sensitive skin.

Green Tea is said to aid in neutralizing the spread of free radicals (source), on top of its soothing effect and the use of extracts like the Cucumber normally means it allows its nutrition to be absorbed by the skin. The presence of the moisturising cream is vital to the prevention of the skin drying out.

To be quite frank, it truly does feel like I’m moisturising my skin while washing. I love the fresh and calm feeling it leaves on me and my skin.
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Bento Beauty Tip: Daily use of exfoliating facial cleansers are alright, keep the frequency to once a day. Use moisturising and hydrating facial cleansers for other washes.

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