beauty-bento-tips-png.pngI’d like to list the actual cosmetics used in Geisha makeup but I reckon it’ll be more practical for most to make do with what makeup are readily available but can also work. I hope traditionalists won’t get offended by this.

Things you need are:

Wax or oil substance
White powder and water
Pencil Eyeliner Brown/Copper
Liquid Eyeliner Black
Eyeshadow Red and Brown/Copper
Red Lipstick

There are key things you should remember when applying the Geisha makeup. The wax is important so that the white foundation that you will apply all over the face, neck and nape will stick or last. The red dots applied at the corner ends of both eyes are key to the look. The red lipstick will prove to be a handy cosmetic since it can be used for the dots (just don’t forget to pat and blend). Finally, the lip makeup is meant to illustrate a small mouth because I learned that, by custom, Japanese men find them attractive and sensual.

The video will help you learn how to apply the makeup and look like a Geisha makeup. If the video isn’t enough, here’s a fantastic illustration of the Geisha makeup application process. If you wish to learn more on the history behind the makeup and all things Geisha, Wikipedia helps.