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For beauty lovers, it is always thrilling to hear about new launches and cutting edge innovations, but that is only half of it. It does not mean much if you know about a new product, but you have no clue on how to use it properly. You might as well be throwing your money down the drain. We are always quizzing experts for tips and hacks that will allow us to use our products in the most effective way, and hopefully cut down on our morning routine.

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These are the best beauty tips we learned in 2015:

1. Never skip heat protectant when curling your hair, and ensure the sections aren’t tangled.> at Lexington Armory on November 10, 2015 in New York City.

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If you want the Victoria’s Secret models’ perfect waves more than all of the lingerie on the runway, the show’s hairstylist Sarah Potempta says the key to getting the Angels’ hair is to grabb clean, tangle-free sections of hair to curl, and never skip on heat protectant. Want to use the exact same tool? Sarah uses her BeachWaver iron for the perfect curl.

2. Make a double cleanse part of your skin care routine.young woman washing her face

Cleansing your face twice might seem like a waste of time and product, but your skin will thank you. Insider Beauty‘s Angela Kim states that double cleansing is an essential part of the Korean skin care regimen. She recommends starting off with an oil-based cleanser to remove your makeup, then follow it up with a different formula that is pH-balanced so it won’t dry out your skin.

3. If you are a nail bitter, always keep a nail file with you.Nail File

Do you find it difficult to resist the urge to chew your fingernails? Deborah Lippmann says to make sure you always have a nail file with you. She explains, “That way, if your nail breaks or tears unexpectedly, you can file instead of gnaw. If you have to physically get up to get a file, you’re just going to wind up biting off the uneven edge.”

4. Add facial massage to your routine.concept of female beauty and natural pampering for clean skin

It isn’t just about choosing the right product, it is also how you apply then. If you are just slapping a product on, you aren’t using it it to its full potential. Lindsey Blondin, spa director and lead esthetician for George the salon Chicago states that facial massage aids in product absorption, stimulates a wound-healing response. and gives you a healthy glow.

5. Use a Q-tip to curl your lashes.Stack of Cotton Swab

What can’t you do with a Q-tip? Surprisingly those little cotton buds make great eyelash curlers, according to Insider Beauty‘s Angela Kim. It is a popular trick women do in Korea because you can really target specific areas. You can use it with your regular eyelash curler, or you can just use the Q-tip. Curious? Check out all of the tutorial here.

6. Make masking a regular part of your routine.Woman mask

We often see masking as something that we do every so often, however Glow Recipe‘s Sarah Lee and Christine Chang state that frequent masking is one of the secrets to Korean women’s glowing skin. You should be thinking about masking as regular maintenance rather than trying to treat a problem.

7. Do not skip haircuts, even if you are trying to grow your hair.Blonde woman at hair saloon

The thing that most people think when they are trying to grow their hair is that they should cancel all their haircut appointments. However, this is one of the worst things that you can do. NYC hair specialist and restoration expert Dr. Robert Dorin says, “It is important to note that regular haircuts don’t make your hair grow faster, rather, regular trims prevent hair breakage which can make hair appear to grow slower.” Even if you just get a bit cut off, it is a lot better than not cutting it for 12 months.

8. Choose a hairbrush according to your hair length and type.Woman brushing hair

Hairbrushes aren’t a one-size-fits-all type of item. Hairstylist John Barrett explains that you need to address your hair’s needs, whether you are looking to detangle or add volume. You need to consider the shape, bristle type, and barrel type when selecting a hairbrush.

9. Do not pop that pimple.

Woman Picking Pimple

It it so tempting to pick a zit, but do whatever you can to resist the urge. Popping a pimple can make things worse. Chief Scientific Officer of Clarity MD Dr Felipe Jimenez says that it is best to not pick it because it can lead to further infection, injury, scarring or dark spots. It’s best to go to a dermatologist or licensed esthetician for extractions. If you’re at home, wash your face, apply a zit cream and keep your hands off your face.

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