You know how some of your favorite style and beauty tips are passed down from your mom, your grandmother, your aunts and so forth? Well, given that we’re in the age of the Internet, you can now add “your Internet buddies” to that list! Last week, we asked you–our wonderful readers–to tell us your best weird beauty tips, tricks and secrets and the results were fantastic. In order to share the wealth of knowledge you all bestowed upon us, here is a compilation of all the open thread’s comments.


1. Alexis: “Using a little bit of lotion on my hair if it’s frizzy and I don’t have access to product!”

2. Hayley: “I scrub my scalp with baking soda once a week. It makes my hair feel twice as clean. Not sure why!”

3. Holly: “I used to wash my hair with baking soda for every washing. I would use vinegar as a ‘conditioner.’ It took some getting used to at first but I really loved it.”

4. bubblegumbanshee: “That’s what I do and I love it! I’ve cut back the baking soda to every other/every 3 washings though.”

5. Liz: “I have definitely a tiny bit of hand soap as hair gel in particularly desperate situations (seriously, I’ve developed a sprig of awful 3-inch-long baby hairs growing right where my hair parts).”

6. Holly: “For a year I washed my hair with baking soda in water and then conditioned with vinegar. It took awhile to get the right amounts down but I really liked it. I’m not sure why I stopped.”

7. Ava Strange: “Not shampooing, seriously, switching from shampoo to baking soda in water is the BEST thing I have ever done for my hair.”

8. Kayla: “My friend made me a dry shampoo based on cornstarch. I brush it onto my hair with a kabuki brush. Less chemicals, better smell.”

9. Theresa Edwards: “I have greasy ass hair so a little bit of baby powder is like magic.”

10. SCDC: “I use mineral makeup, and have blonde hair, so after I do my face, I apply the foundation to my bangs as well to counter the greasies.”


11. Heather C: “A cold spoon on swollen eyes work better than any de-puffing cream. And keeping yoru eye open when applying liner to your top lashline.”

12. bubblegumbandshee: “Diaper rash cream on super dried out rashy looking skin, and I’ve used it on an ingrown hair too.”

13. Alicia715: “I am obsessed with peroxide. I put it on my teeth and leave it there for a little bit every few days to keep my teeth white. I put it on with a q tip, and make sure you don’t swallow it! It’s super cheap and works better than the strips IMO. I also put peroxide on my pimples. It looks super gross and like the pimple is going to explode, but once the peroxide dries up, the pimple looks way better and heals faster.”

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14. Kayla: “Desitin (yes, baby bum cream) and Neosporin make great spot treatments for acne. Desitin is also a great face mask. I recommend wiping it off with a tissue before washing your face after, so you don’t ruin your washcloths.”

15. Holly: “This isn’t necessarily weird, but I scrub my face with aspirin if I have a bad breakout. When I was newly pregnant I woke up to find my face covered (absolutely. covered.) in tiny pimples. It was worse than anything I had ever had in my teenage years and I had acne pretty bad then. I put several aspirin in the palm of my hand while in the shower, just enough to make it spreadable, and scrubbed for a couple of minutes. It was gone within 48 hours. It’s my emergency face explosion go-to now.”

16. Liz: “Okay, this isn’t really a “beauty” trick, but I discovered something accidentally and by necessity and it 100% works: if you have a hickey/bite mark on a not-particularly-sensitive area of skin (it was on my wrist, don’t ask) and you immediately run it under the hottest water you can stand for about ten minutes, it almost entirely goes away. It will still be a tiny bit red and swollen, but all the bruisy blood that gets trapped under the skin just disappears. It won’t be recognizably bite mark-y at all!”

17. Kayla: “I use apple cider vinegar, dabbed on a cotton ball, as toner at night. It smells awful, but it clears my skin up and helps with the greasies that come with living in grimy, humid NYC.”

18. Holly: “I have disgusting (DISGUSTING) dry, cracked heels. They’re so bad. I know a lot of people say they have dry heels but whenever I look up reviews for cracked heel products the people never have heels as bad as mine. They’re really just awful. Anyhow, I’m still working on a way to fix them completely, but I do occasionally scrub them with drywall patch…things. I’m not sure exactly what they’re called but you can find them in the paint and hardware section of most stores. They’re black and come in strips. I cut them down into smaller squares. Nothing removes the grossness like those do. I know you’re not really supposed to be that rough on them but sometimes I really just can’t stand looking at them any longer.”

19. Eve: “I love using baby wipes when I’m lazy/too drunk to take off my makeup.”

20. Me: “Use eye cream as lip balm/primer. It helps fill in the creases, smooth out the lines and gives your mouth a pretty, polished appearance without appearing glossy. It’s perfect for anybody who wants to achieve a naturally full and pillowy soft beauty look–no painful fillers or stinging lip plumpers necessary.”

Makeup & Nails

21. cat butt: “I use a dampened beauty blender to apply self-tanner on my face, and I apply it only on areas I would use Bronzer to contour. (Temples, below cheekbones, along jawline, top of forehead.) It looks super-natural this way:)”

22. Alicia715: “I don’t use primer for my make-up so when I want my makeup to last a long time I spray my face with hair spray.”

23. Elyne: “Mix your last bit of eyeshadow with vaseline to get the maximum use, same with the last bit of your fave lipstick it makes a great gloss.”

24. Me: “Pour cold water on your nails to make them dry faster.”

25.  Jenni: “I blow dry my wet nails and it helps them dry faster (duh), but also last a lot longer. ALSOOOOOOO, I make a pedicure last forever by just patching up the chips on the big toe.”

And finally…

26. “The blood of newborns makes an excellent anti-aging regime, truly!” via Mommyish editor and overall beloved human being Eve Vawter.

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