Beauty ToolsWe’re all about finding ways to streamline our morning routines and trying to get as many zzzz’s as possible. If someone could invent a beauty gadget that washes and dries our hair while we sleep, that would be great. Multipurpose products that you can apply to different areas of your face and two-in-one products are always welcome on our shelves. You might think that beauty tools just complicate your makeup regimen but the right ones can speed things up by making your application easier and correcting mishaps with one quick swipe.

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Keep these products in your bathroom because they’ll help shave time and effort off your beauty routine:

1. Swoon Lip Gloss Pick Up Artist ($12, Sephora)Sephora Swoon Lip Gloss Pick Up ARtist

Are you struggling to get out the last bits of gloss out of that tube? Don’t chuck the lip gloss when there is plenty still left in there. This handy scoop will get it all out. The non-porous application head doesn’t absorb the product making it easy to clean and switch between products.

2. 24-Pack Eye Makeup Corrector And Remover ($5.99, Hollywood Fashion Secrets)Hollywood Eye Makeup Corrector and Remover

No one has time to wash away their makeup and start fresh in the morning. If you make a mistake, it’s about trying to correct it then continuing on. These pre-filled cottons swabs have vitamin E & aloe vera formula makeup remover formula that gets rid of that misplaced eyeliner in a blink of an eye.

3. The Original BeautyBlender ($19.95, beautyblender)beauty blender the original

Even if you had hours to spare in the morning, you probably wouldn’t want to be using eight different brushes on your face. This little sponge works with any complexion product from primers to foundation to cream blushes. It gives you a streak-free flawless finish and there is less product waste compared to a regular sponge.

4. Studio Mascara And Shadow Shield ($3, e.l.f.)e.l.f. Mascara Shield

There is nothing more annoying than creating the perfect smokey eye then messing it up when you apply your mascara and it gets on your lid. This shield can used as a barrier between your mascara and shadow. Plus, you can use it under your eyes to catch eyeshadow fallout.

5. Detox It Out Charcoal Swabs ($3, Sephora)Sephora Detox It Out Swabs

These aren’t just your regular cotton applicators dyed black. They are swabs made out of the latest must-have beauty ingredient, charcoal. You can use the dual-ended charcoal swabs to apply liquid or dry products and they are just as handy for cleaning up messes in hard-to-reach spots.

6. Brett Brow Dual-Tip Tweezers ($18, Brett Freedman Beauty)Brett Freedman Dual-Tip Tweezers

How may pairs of tweezers do you have? Three? Five but three of them you can never find? Everyone is always searching for a pair of tweezers that gets out every hair including those hard-to-pluck ones. These dual-tip tweezers have a slanted pair on one side and a pointy pair on the other. Between the two sides, you’ll be able to get rid of all pesky hairs.

7. Manicure Corrector Pen ($14, Essie)Essie Nail Corrector Pen

For the days when you thought you had time to paint your nails in the morning but realized you only had time to badly paint your nails, this corrector pen can rectify your rushed manicure. Run the pre-moistened pen around the perimeter of your nail. You can even do it on the train.

8. Cat Eye And Smokey Eye Makeup Stencils ($17.99, Beth Bender Beauty)Cat Eye Makeup Stencil

Why didn’t they think of this with the invention of eyeliner? These stencils are like a coloring book for your eyes, except you never have to worry about going outside of the lines. Now you can finally master a flawless cat eye.