Jennifer Hudson Short Hair(Photo: Instagram/IAmJHud)

Our lob obsession hasn’t completely gone away but even shorter hairstyles are giving it some competition. The pixie cut is enjoying another revival with celebs like Tyra Banks chopping off their long locks into the easy style. Some celebs are going super short. Jennifer Hudson had an amazing short hairstyle and recently showed up at an event with an even closer crop. If you’re not on team #shorthairdontcare, what are you waiting for?

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Check out the other celebs who make us want to chop off our lobs:

1. Lena DunhamVariety?s Power of Women: New York luncheon at Cipriani Midtown in New York CityFeaturing: Lena DunhamWhere: New York City, New York, United StatesWhen: 24 Apr 2015Credit: Alberto Reyes/

(Photo: WENN)

It’s been a long time since we’ve even seen Lena Dunham with mid-length hair. She prefers short styles from bowl cuts to pixies. Her latest haircut is her shortest look yet with tightly cropped sights and side-swept bangs.

2. Tyra BanksTyra Banks Short Hair

(Photo: Instagram/TyraBanks)

During the zillion seasons of America’s Next Top Model, we have seen Tyra Banks try out a lot of different hairstyles. However, her recent pixie cut was fresh look we haven’t really seen on her. We’re used to the alternating long, flowing styles.

3. Ginnifer GoodwinGinnifer Goodwin Short Hair

(Photo: Chelsea Lauren/WireImage/Getty Images)

Everything about Ginnifer Goodwin‘s look is awesome, from the pixie cut to the new silver gray hair to that hot pink eye liner. Book us a salon appointment and find out where you can buy that liner ASAP.

4. Ruby RoseRuby Rose Short Hair

(Photo: Instagram/RunbyRose)

Everyone likes to talk about the similarities between Orange Is The New Black‘s Ruby Rose and Justin Bieber but Ruby has waaaaaay better hair than Justin. His Zack Morris cut has nothing on her sleek style.

5. Kelly OsbourneKelly Osbourne Short Hair

(Photo: Instagram/KellyOsbourne)

Kelly Osbourne seems to have found her signature hair look (for now). She may tweak it slightly every so often but her lilac locks and mohawk have become a key part of her look. If you are intimidated by the mohawk look, try just shaving a small section of your hair or cut it very short.

6. Nicole RichieNicole Richie Short Hair

(Photo: Instagram)

Nicole Richie has been giving us hair color envy for awhile. She was purple, blue, pink and now she is back to blonde. She also chopped off her mid-length hair into a short- piece-y style that is something very different from the usual pixie.

7. Katy Perrykaty perry

(Photo: Instagram/KatyPerry)

Katy Perry‘s short hair might have been an April Fool’s prank but it looked so good on her, it made us want to grab the scissors and start chopping all our hair off. Bring it back for real, Katy.