Coffee Beauty

What would we do without coffee? It’s hard to even think about. Not only is a cup of coffee an essential part of our day, it is also a hero ingredient in many beauty products. A shot of caffeine perks up your face the same way a triple shot of espresso does for mind. Of course, coffee beauty products also smell as good as a freshly brewed pot of coffee. Therefore, there is no better way to celebrate National Coffee Day than with some coffee face and body products, plus your favorite cup of joe.

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Take a look at the beauty products that any coffee lover will appreciate:

1. Borghese fango ESSENZIALI ENERGIZE Mud Mask Treatment for Face + Body ($32.50, Macy’s)

fango Essenziali Mud_ Energize

Mask lovers and coffee fans will quickly become obsessed with this mud mask. It combines activated charcoal with coffee seed oil to help make your skin look more toned and healthy. Make it part of your next spa night.

2. The Original Coffee Body Scrub ($16.95, Frank Body)

Frank Body

You’ve seen this scrub all over Instagram, now it is time to try it for yourself. It contains vitamin E, sweet almond oil, sea salt, and roasted and ground Robusta beans to slough away all of your dead skins cells. Apply a thick layer and just try to resist the urge to take a selfie.

3.  Pure Coffee Fragrance ($90, Mugler)

Mugler Coffee

There are some chic coffee containers, but they have nothing on this fragrance’s packaging. Coffee enthusiasts will go wild for this full-bodied scent. The fragrance contains notes of vanilla, patchouli and Arabica coffee, of course.

4. Coffee Bean Lip Balm ($3.79, Hurraw!)

Hurraw Coffee Lip Balm

Hurrah, er, Hurraw! It’s a budget-friendly lip balm that smells (and tastes) as good as your cup of joe. The lippy is formulated with organic raw coffee beans and fresh pressed Californian almond oil. It’s also cheaper than a lot of coffees.

5. Latte Art Cappuccino Cream-In Scrub ($17.50, Tony Moly)

Tony Moly Latte Art

Nope, that is not to drink, that is for your body. The scrub contains coffee and milk extracts that help moisturize and remove dry, flaky skin. What makes it even better is that the scrub changes color as you’re rubbing it in.

6. Coffee Scrub ($19.99, Maui Babe)

Mau Babe Scrub

Aren’t you tempted to stick your hand into that pot? It looks that inviting. Just imagine what it smells like thanks to the freshly ground Kona coffee beans in it.

7. Percup Massage Bar ($12.95, Lush)

Lush Percup massage bar

It’s time to percup your skin. This speckled massage bar is made with whole Arabica beans, coconut and jojoba oils to give you super soft skin. Simply rub the bar over dry skin then rub the oils in to utilize their full potential.

8. Coffee Body Scrub ($24, Babe)

Babe Body Scrub

You won’t have to worry about dry skin this fall when you’re using this invigorating coffee body scrub. The raw scrub uses premium, unused, 100% virgin ground coffee beans to tackle a variety of skincare concerns including acne, cellulite and stretch marks.

9.  Instant Detox Mask ($29, Caudalie)

Caudalie Instant Detox

A product doesn’t need to have a brown package for it to fit into the coffee theme. This mask combines pink clay and coffee to declog your pores and give you a more even complexion. Bonus: It’s suitable for all skin types.

10. Cinnamon Coffee Bar Soap ($12, Meow Meow Tweet)

Meow Meow Soap

Coffee is great by itself, but a little sprinkle of cinnamon can take it to another level. That same rule applies with this soap. Fair trade coffee grounds and cinnamon get mixed together to produce something that smells amazing. If you want another reason to love it, it also neutralizes odors.