If the internet was written in ink, there would be millions of gallons spilled in discussing the proper ways to care for curly hair. To shampoo or not to shampoo? To blow dry or not to blow dry? Hell, there are multiple online communities devoted to discussing everything and everything curly. This is a good thing! It’s easier than ever to be a curly girl in a straight-haired world. I’ve had my hair maintenance down to a science for years, but I often find amazing tips by poking around online.

Now it’s my turn to share some tips! I’m sure you already have a diffuser and a brand of gel/mousse/cream you can’t live without (For me, it’s Miss Jessie’s!) But here are a few other tools and products that will help you live your best curly-haired life.


Photo: Amazon

1. Drain Wig: Ok, you know how you shed SO MUCH hair in the shower and after a few weeks, it clogs the drain? No matter how much you try to stick the excess hair to the shower wall or how much Drano or baking soda and vinegar mix you toss down your drain? Enter Drain Wig. This ingenious little flower-shaped tool actually catches the hair and prevents clogs…for good. Once you buy it, you won’t be able to live without it. I promise.

2. Shower Comb: Ladies, if you’re not using a wide-tooth comb to distribute your conditioner in the shower, you’re not living. Hyperbolic, but I swear, it’s true. I have this exact one.

3. Coconut Oil: Coconut oil can tame frizz and flyaways, it can serve as daily conditioner in a pinch, and it can also be used for deep conditioning. A little goes a long way and you can also use it on your lips, your skin and to cook with.

4. An Old T-Shirt: Why a shirt? So you can plop with it, of course! I use a super old, soft purple tie-dye shirt I thrifted a few years ago when I plop my hair. It’s big enough to wrap my whole head in and it makes me feel sort of like a fortune teller in a turban.

5. Satin Pillowcase: Both of my grandmothers slept on satin pillowcases, so I always kind of thought it was for old ladies who favored the puffy white Barbara Bush-esque brand of helmet hair. But it turns out sleeping on satin makes your curls look perfect, even if you toss and turn all night! You can also get a satin headwrap or sleeping cap if that’s more your thing.

6. Emi-Jay Hair Ties: Soft elastic hair ties have been gaining in popularity for a few years now, but Emi-Jay hair ties (invented by two teenage girls) are still the gold standard, in my opinion. Yes, the extra thick Goody hair ties from the drugstore work, but I always find that they get worn and snap after a short time. The Emi-Jay ties are soft, stretchy, and most importantly, strong.

This is by no means an exhaustive list. Other curlies, do you have tools you can’t live without? Share them in the comments!