Remember when our eyebrows were a feature that we didn’t give much thought to during our makeup applications? They might have gotten a bit of brow pencil and a quick brush and that was that. Now, eyebrows are often the main focus of our beauty looks. And it’s common for people to use at least four different products to achieve flawless arches. And the latest eyebrow trends are about the boldest looks around. From carved brows to barbed wire ones, statement brows are definitely having a moment.

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If you’re feeling playful, there are lots of brow looks to try. Rock them on Instagram, try them IRL, or do both.

1. Glitter Brows

If you’re going to do glitter brows, you want to make sure that the glitter is clearly visible. Coordinating your brow glitter with your eye makeup is one way to do it.

2. Barbed Wire Brows

#TeenVybeBeauty :: First … #FeatherBrows , now … #BarbedWireBrows ?? Thoughts? ??

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Barbed wire brows actually aren’t as scary as they sound. Thankfully they do’t involve any sharp and dangerous objects.

3. Dragon Brows

Today in #brows we have #dragonbrows! #roar #browart

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Dragon brows are fierce with a capital “F.” ROAR.

4. Feather Brows

Ditch the brow gel and embrace a fluffy brow look with the feathered brow trend.

5. Carved Brows

Is it an eyebrow look or is it an eyeshadow one? Brow carving is actually a bit of both.

6. Rainbow Brows

? Don't be afraid of a little color ? #rainbow #rainbowbrows #makeup #colorful #alook

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Why should all of the colors be left to your lids? Switch this up by adding a gradient rainbow to your brows.

7. Glitter Feather Brows

Because combining two brow trends together makes for a look that is twice as nice. The slash of silver adds a cool futuristic touch.

8. Flower Brows

If people are covering their eyelids with actual flowers, they’re not going to stop there. Hence, flower brows.