Hair Accessories

There were lots of gorgeous beauty looks at the Fall 2016 shows at Couture Week. One of the standout looks had to be the face-framing gold bands from the Valentino show. They were simple yet stunning, and they were unexpected. They also made us want to wear hair accessories more.

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When you were a kid, you probably had a massive collection of sparkly clips that you would stick into your hair a la Lizzie McGuire. After one butterfly clip too many, you probably realized that your hair accessory habit was too much. Now, you might only wear hair accessories when you’re at a festival. (Looking at you, floral crowns.) If that’s the case, you’re missing out. Hair accessories work for every day, day or evening. It’s all a matter of choosing the right ones. If you’re looking to add some interest to your basic ponytail or your usual hairstyle, a well-placed hair accessory is just the thing to make a statement with.

Here are 11 hair accessories that will elevate any hairstyle:

1. Anna Multi-Chain Hair Pin and Ear Cuff ($8, Boohoo)

Boohoo Anna Hair Pin Ear Cuff

Meet the clever hair accessory and ear cuff hybrid. The piece is subtle yet striking thanks to the multiple chains. It looks pretty in this half updo, but it would also work with your hair completely pulled back.

2. Constellation Pave Star Headband ($35, Nasty Gal)

Nasty Gal Constellation Headband

Who needs a tiara when you have a headband like this? This whimsical headband looks a lot more expensive than it actually is thanks to the pave stars. Make it part of your going-out look, and you’re guaranteed to be the star of the evening. Sorry.

3. Gold-Tone Embellished Hair Clip Back ($12, River Island)

RIver Island Hair Clips

This one pack of hair clips gives you multiple options. You can wear them all individually or all at once. Wear them when you hair is down, or add them to an updo. Bonus: They’re delicate enough that you can get away with them at work.

4. Faceted Crystal Headband ($25.99, Mango)

Mango Faceted Crystal Headband

This looks like a beautiful necklace, but it is actually meant for your head. Wear it just at your hairline to frame your face. If you want to sometimes wear it as a necklace, we’re not going to  stop you.

5. Glamorous Festival Disc and Tassel Headband ($27, ASOS)

Glamorous Festival Headband

Ensure that your look is on point from all angles with this headband. The layered chains and the discs add some interest to the back of your head. You may not be able to see it, but everyone else will be able to appreciate how stunning of a look it is.

6. Regal Rose Engraved Hair Charm Set ($20, Urban Outfitters)

Urban Outfitters Hair Charms

Do not write hair charms off as childish or too sweet. These silver-colored beads are a lot more grown-up compared to the sparkly hearts and stars you used to love. Plus, they’re super easy to add to any hairstyle thanks to the open hinge design.

7. Letlet NY Coco Pearl Crystal Tassel Headwrap ($127, Revolve)

Letlet NY Headrap

A headwrap might be one of the things that is missing from your hair accessories collection. Let this 14K gold-plated bobby pin with chain link drop be your first one. It is decorated with Swarovski crystals and features a 10″ chain. Let the chain hang down or braid it into a look for some subtle sparkle.

8. Fluffy Pom Pom Hair Clips ($12, Topshop)

Topshop Fuzzy Hair Clips

We often think about hair accessories in shimmery metallic finishes, but these fuzzy hair clips give us something different. Stick them in your hair and make like you’re the funky adult version of Lizzie McGuire.

9. Minaret Bobby Set ($32, Anthropologie)

Anthropologie Minaret Bobby Set

Forget about bobby pins being something that you just hide in your bun to keep it in place. You can make them the star of your updo. Our advice? Swap your standard bobby pins for this set  of metal pins that are decorated with rose quartz, plastic and glass.

10. Hair Rings ($9.69, Missguided)

Missguided Hair Rings F

You cannot actually pierce your hair, but you can look like you did thanks to these gold-toned rings. Add them around any braids or twisted pieces to bring a bit more interest to your ‘do.

11. Lace Headband ($5.99, H&M)

H&M Lace Headband

Lace isn’t just for your clothes, it can also be used to create some romantic hair accessories. Case in point: This delicate hairband. Not only is it pretty, but it also won’t leave you with that pain behind your ears like a lot of metal headbands tend to do.