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When I think about the ’90s, the first things that come to mind are the Spice Girls, body glitter, Jonathan Taylor Thomas, and perfume. I spent the decade in a cloud of Calgon’s Hawaiian Ginger body mist (take me away!) and I’m pretty sure that wearing it every day for 10 years set me on the path to becoming the aspiring full-time beach bum that I am today.

So, how did your favorite ’90s perfume shape the person you are? What does your former signature scent say about who you are today? Find out below:

Calvin Klein ck One

You really like wearing your hair in a ponytail, because it’s easy and you hate fiddling with anything for longer than 20 seconds. You’re the type of person who has no problem sharing a toothbrush with your significant other. You have been known to sneak a bottle of Gatorade into the bar, because you’re really concerned about your “hydration levels.” Sporty Spice is your fashion icon. “Sweatpants, hair tied, chilling with no makeup on” is the song lyric that best defines your life.

Victoria’s Secret Pear Glacé Fragrance Mist

You keep a stash of lip gloss in the top drawer of your desk and a well-stocked supply of fragrant body lotions in your bathroom. You love wine coolers, the month of July, and swimming pools. When you were in high school, you were named “The Most Likely To Get In Trouble For Talking.” You loved that. Your most prized possession is your favorite push-up bra.

Clinique Happy

You’ve been described as “bubbly” on more than a few occasions. You are jumping in every single one of your Facebook profile photos. Things always seem to work out for you, and your friends say you should buy more lottery tickets. You had your first kiss on your parents’ front porch. You always pick “Dare.”

Angel by Thierry Mugler

You’re a bit of an enigma, and you love that mystify people. You  majored in art history, but you work in finance. You hate sports, but you shell out big bucks to sit as close to the court as possible. You like to pair your black Doc Martens with the most sugary sweet fragrance you can find. Your future goals include driving across the country on your motorcycle and and getting married at that tiny New Mexico church made famous by Slash in the “November Rain” music video.

Bath & Body Works Cucumber Melon Fragrance Mist

You are a social butterfly, and you have an enormous group of girlfriends. You’re currently missing half of you wardrobe because you’re always loaning out your clothes to everyone you know. You keep a tube of Pink Lemonade Lip Smackers in your purse at all times. You have recurring nightmares about getting rained out on your wedding day.

Tommy Girl by Tommy Hilfiger

You get misty eyed whenever you hear the national anthem. You spent your college years playing water polo and breaking hearts. You’re big into traditions, things that match, and beach houses on the east coast. Scott Disick is your fashion icon.

Gucci Rush

When you were in the fifth grade, you scandalized your girlfriends by calling your science teacher “sexy.” You pride yourself on your ability to eat insanely spicy food. You gave your parents more gray hair than all of your siblings combined, thanks to your predilection for moving across the country on a whim. Your most recent New Year’s resolution was to start thinking before you speak. You’ve never kept a New Year’s resolution in your life.