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Do you like to choose your beauty products based on your horoscope sign? It’s easier than ever to do thanks to the number of astrology-themed launches. Even if brands don’t have specific zodiac collection, they’re helping us out by revealing the products in their current line-ups that are the most suited for you based on your astrological sign. For example, Lush recently shared an Instagram post revealing bath bombs as zodiac signs.

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Lush has taken some of its most popular bath bombs from Metamorphosis ($8.95) to Rocket Science ($5.95) and revealed what signs they suit. Then the beauty brand has succinctly explained its choices in true witty Lush fashion.

For example, if you’re a Cancer, Lush says that your bath bomb is Big Blue ($6.95) because it’s “a little salty.” Those who fall under the Capricorn sign should try Over and Over ($8.95) because you’re the type of person who “always has a snack.” People who are Sagittarius can try Intergalactic ($7.95) because they’re the sort who are “down for space travel.”

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Many Lushies will pick up the bath bomb that represents their sign, but we have a feeling that a lot of astrology fans will get the entire collection so they’ll have the full zodiac to choose from for their next soak in the tub.