We asked you yesterday about what your all-time favorite makeup brand is. From your responses, it is clear that we have a few serious winners amongst the innumerable beauty lines out there! These are the brands that have never disappointed you, the friends products that you can really rely on–even if you have to drop some cash on them whenever you want to hang out.

1. Maria Guido:Lancome – for sure. It’s expensive, but Definicils mascara is everything and they have a liquid base that I love (and I never thought I would use that kind of thing on my face). Plus, their makeup artists are apparently trained to tell you you’re beautiful a million times while they do your makeup, which is a bonus.”

2. Jessica: “Definitely Urban Decay or Benefit. I am obsessed with Benefit’s They’re Real mascara, They’re Real liquid eyeliner and Hoola bronzer. But I also am obsessed with Urban Decay’s lipstick, 24/7 eye pencil, Naked palettes (all of them!), and eye shadow primer.”

3. Bethany Ramos: “I also absolutely love ELF – and fun fact, I worked as a wedding makeup artist for several years when I was a licensed aesthetician. I used mineral makeup and ELF primarily and got great feedback. :-)”

P.S. Bethany–we just wrote about e.l.f. today! So glad you love it, too.

4. Alexis: “I’m a big fan of Benefit. Dumb as it is, they hooked me with their packaging and then I never left!”

5. Valerie: “I fell for Benefit because of the cute packaging but then realized I actually love their stuff!”

6. Nelsonne: “In France, I really appreciate them make-up brand Bourjois.

“High quality for low budget! I love their cute and sometimes vintage-inspired packaging, and I’m a huge fan of their mascaras and of their ‘Little Round Pot,’ so many colors!

“(Their products are rumored to be produced in the same factories that Chanel‘s – in fact Bourjois is owned by Chanel).”

7. jennlevy: “I use different brands for different types of makeup. but I have a long-standing love affair with Urban Decay eyeshadows. I used to like their Lip Gunk (now discontinued) and their original line of nail polish (what they make now is far inferior in quality).”

8. loser_sneeze: “Ok, I know Benefit and Urban Decay ( which are favs) have both been mentioned. But I LOVE Shu Uemura mascara. They stopped selling my favorite gel based mascara in the US and I was so very sad.”

9. Roxanne Marie Zoltan: “Oh god, Tarte or Urban Decay. Although, I’ve never tried any of UD’s foundations or concealers, and I love all of Tarte’s – such great ingredients for your skin. The whole brand is really consistent, I can’t think of a time I’ve been disappointed by any of their products. Same goes for UD, but I’m gonna have to go with Tarte because their tinted moisturizers and concealers just make me so happy.”

10. Anne Marie Hawkins:Bare Minerals bb tinted primer. It’s the only foundationy thing that consistently doesn’t break me out. Maybelline for mascara, Cover Girl for lipstick.”

11. Candice Hufler:Neutrogena is one of my favorite makeup brands. There face products are great for my acne prone skin!”

12. hannah: “Agree with others–Benefit, no question.”

13. sydneyb79: “I have different brands for different stuff (and I realized, no one of them really dominates) but:
Pressed Powder and eyeliner: MAC
Primer: Dior Skinflash
Liquid Foundation – usually Lancome but I don’t wear it in the summer
Blush: NARS
Bronzer: Clarins
But I will say that Lancome has probably been the longest running for me, as I also love their moisturizers/night creams, etc. And I’ve been buying the same bronzer from Clarins for about 10 years now. Mascara, lipstick, eyeshadow – all over the place.”

14. Elyne:Urban Decay and make up designery for eyeshadows, L’Oreal for mascara and lipgloss/stick from Rimmel.

15. Angela:Stila. All of their palettes and holiday packs are fantastic and last forever. They are by far my favorite eyeshadows that are in rotation pretty much constantly. Their glosses are also not gloppy, greasy or too shiny, which is pretty amazing to me.”

16. amelisha: “I was a MAC devotee for ages, but for the past few years I have been obsessed with Stila. I love all of it. Colours, formulas, products. It’s not inexpensive but everything is awesome.”

17. Valerie: “I love both Bare Minerals and Benefit. Can’t pick just one. :-)”

18. Heather C: “I love Urban Decay too. It’s difficult to play favorites, but I really like all of the different Smashbox products I’ve tried.”