make up bag with cosmeticsYou can find a lot of amazing beauty products at the drugstore. There are brilliant products that cost less than $5. However, sometimes you want to treat yourself and splurge on a beauty product. If you’re going to be dropping some cash, you want to make sure you invest in the best beauty products. You don’t want to spend $30 on something that is no different than the $10 version. That’s why we asked celebrity makeup artist Lauren Napier what beauty products are spending your hard-earned dollars on.

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The first thing Lauren suggests you splurge on is brushes and sponges. Your eyes may bulge slightly when you see what one makeup brush can cost but they are an essential part of your makeup routine. Use a professional brush and you will never want to use those tiny applicators your makeup comes with again. Lauren explains:

 “I am a fan of wearing what makeup makes you feel pretty and comfortable, but most of all happy. However, I am an advocate for clean and healthy skin. It’s important to splurge on brushes and sponges. Keep them clean so that your skin remains clean, clear and healthy. I prefer natural hair brushes, which are often more than a splurge but an investment. Natural hair brushes can be cleaned, washed and clean brushes result in a healthy complexion.”

Pro All-Over Shadow Brush ($20, Sephora) is a versatile shadow brush that is made out of a mix of goat hair and pony fibers.Sephora Pro All-Over Shadow Bruhs

Keeping with the looking after your skin theme, foundation is another product worth splashing out on. Lauren suggestions you look for one tailored to your complexion, like you do with your skincare products:

NARS and Koh Gen Doh, Becca and Armani are some of my favorite foundations. These foundations all have different price points but the coverage and color palettes are what I opt for. My advice is to purchase the foundation that works best for your complexion.”

Sheer Glow Foundation ($45, NARS) comes in 19 different colors, has buildable coverage and gives your face a radiant glow.NARS Sheer Glow Foundation

One other thing you should consider spending more on is mascara. The reason? Instead of buying a general black mascara you should be using one that flatters your coloring and tackles your lash issue, whether it is length, volume or thickness:

“Lashes are hair and all hair is different. There’s blonde, red, curly and even straight. The hair growing from one’s head requires special focus and so should your lashes. Look for mascaras that define and accentuate your lashes and their texture. If you’ve got fair lashes, opt for a dark brown or deep black mascara to accentuate your eyes. If you’ve got sparse lashes, opt for mascara that boosts volume – this might be more pricey, but your lashes will love you!”

If you are fair, and yout lashes could use a bit more length and volume, They’re Real! Lengthening And Volumizing Mascara In Beyond Brown ($24, Benefit) is a good option.Benefit They're Real Mascara

(Photo: kitzcorner/iStock)