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Do you ever feel like your life has become… A little too cluttered? And like maybe it’s time to scale back a tiny bit? Recently I’ve started feeling this way about my perfume collection. It’s not the number of scents that I own, but the type—they’re all fairly complicated fragrances, featuring many different notes, and sometimes it all just feels a little… Much.

So for my next perfume purchase, I’m thinking minimalism. I’m thinking two or three notes at the most. I’m thinking something linear, clean, and elegant. Something like any of the following six minimalist fragrances:

Comme des Garçons Odeur 53, $140 for 3.4 oz

You’re probably thinking, wait a second, aren’t there, like, 53 different scents in this perfume? How can it be minimalist? And to you I’d say, OK, fine, you’re right, but hear me out: yes, there are a ton of different notes in Odeur 53, but the notes are things like “laundry drying in the wind,” “the flash of metal,” and “the freshness of oxygen.” These aren’t heady, gourmand notes—they’re incredibly light, crisp, and metallic. This is a perfume for the person who hates perfume; there is absolutely nothing traditional about it. Odeur 53 is such a unique, unconventional fragrance that it’s nearly impossible to describe. You’ll just have to experience it for yourself.

Commodity Rain, $99 for 3.4 oz
Rain is a cool fragrance—the name is cool, the packaging is cool, and the scent itself is very cool. It’s fresh and green and citrusy; this is a perfume you can wear anywhere. Although Rain was designed to be layered with other Commodity fragrances, I think it’s beautiful—and very minimalist—on its own. Rain features notes of lemon, jasmine, lotus, woods, and freesia.

Juliette Has A Gun Not A Perfume, $100 for 1.7 oz

Not A Perfume is repeatedly described as the perfect perfume for people who don’t like to wear perfume. Are you confused? Don’t be! In a nutshell, Not A Perfume is a hypoallergenic scent, composed entirely of one note, cetalox. Cetalox is typically used in fragrances as a base note, and it smells like amber. Not A Perfume is divinely light, fresh, and elegant, and it would make a great choice for anyone who finds conventional perfume irritating.

Demeter Fragrance Library Salt Air, $20 for 1 oz

A few months ago, I reviewed Demeter’s Foolproof Blending Library, which included 10 fragrances that could be layered in any combination to create your own unique scent. Of the 10 fragrances included, Salt Air was hands-down my favorite. It’s just a phenomenal olfactory representation of the seaside, and I love it. Truthfully, there are any number of Demeter Fragrances that I could have included on this list. Other personal favorites include Dirt, Sunshine, Jasmine, and Thunderstorm.

Jo Malone Earl Grey & Cucumber Cologne, $125 for 3.4 oz

Earl Grey & Cucumber is probably my favorite Jo Malone fragrance ever, because it’s so uplifting and happy. If you like the scent of Earl Grey tea, you’ll love this perfume. It opens with tea and cucumber and finishes with a beautiful blend of honey and vanilla. The notes in this fragrance are of bergamot, cucumber, beeswax, and vanilla, and musk.

Mermaid No. 1 Perfume Spray, $50 for 2 oz

Oh, hello there, perfume of my dreams! If you like citrus scents, Mermaid No. 1 is calling your name. This scent is composed entirely of one note: orange blossoms. It’s floral, it’s fruity, and it’s to die for.