When we asked you folks what your favorite nail polish ever is last week, I had a feeling we would get some good responses, but I had no idea just how many incredible ones we would receive! It appears that many, many of you have favorite shades, brands, and textures that you have devoted money and time to popping onto your fingertips.

Considering how wonderful all our readers’ previous suggestions have been in the past, we wanted to keep sharing your wealth of knowledge with all beauty fans, so the following is a list of all the A+ recommendations we received for the best nail polishes ever!

1. LadyClodia the Modest Rat:Zoya is my absolutely favorite nail polish brand ever. I have so many different colors of Zoya now that it’s hard to choose, but if I had to it would be PixieDust in London. It’s a textured matte gray with sparkle in it.”

2. Kaitlin Cubria:Essie Tart Deco, for sure — I’m all about the peach/salmon colors.”

3. Kathleen Q:Essie‘s Mint Candy Apple! It’s so pretty, it’s less mint and more of a light blue with a mint undertone!”

4. Heather C: “I am fickle with all makeup, but I really like Essie Vices Versa at the moment. It is a matte neon green but normally I put a shiny topcoat over it.”

5. chippythehero:Essie Bikini so Teeny. I always get compliments when I wear it out. Sometimes I’ll go with the gloss but I love doing Essie’s matte coating with a black statement nail. It’s my go-to.

“It’s adorable and everybody from my brow-girl at Benefit to flight attendants to my physical therapist loves it!”

6. Alexandra Mitchell: “If I’m going brand, Essie all the way! Their strengtheners are freaking magic for my nails. But specific shades, depends all on my mood. I’ve been rocking OPI‘s Lincoln Park After Dark for a while when I’m feeling vampy. But every time (and I do mean every time) after I watch the Woman on Sherlock, I paint my nails in Gia by Zoya. My perfect red. It lets me get my fierceness on!”

7. rockmonster:Essie has a mint-blue color that I love.”

8. Jinx:Chanel Le Vernis. Any color. They’re obscenely expensive ($27) but all the colors are gorgeous, highly pigmented, and glide on like silk.”

9. Valerie: “I love Essie and I have a shade of coral right now on my toes but I cannot remember what it’s called. But I am always happy with Essie.”

10. Alexandra D’Aluisio: “If I can’t decide what color to paint my nails, I tend to reach for Essie’s Merino Cool. It goes with everything and always looks good.”

11. Jenni: “I have a limited edition Birchbox blue that I love so hard. Partially because the color is great and partially because I love saying “limited edition.””

12. Megan:China Glaze Ruby Pumps. It has this lit from within quality and it is so vampy and red. Love it!”

13. Jen Pires:ORLY in Oh cabana boy! its the perfect metallic flourescent pink….”

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14. Alexis Rhiannon: “I like glitter nail polishes, but I’m currently in like…month three of recovery? after destroying my nails by chipping off polishes instead of removing them.


15. Holly: “I love glitter. LOVE. My son is pretty into glitter too and has lately decided he’s into having his nails polished. He’s two, and it’s pretty amazing that he’ll sit for it and let me do it. He even picks out his own colors. All of this was super adorable and fun until today I remembered that the color we did yesterday was very glittery and what a nightmare that’s going to be removing from a 2-year-old’s nails. I need to go to mom school and learn to mom better.”

NOTE: Holly, you sound like an awesome mom.

16. Zoe:Essie‘s Vested Interest- it’s a beautiful grayish olive green (which actually doesn’t sound that nice-but it totally is)”

17. jennlevy: “Tie between Superblack Fatima (holographic grey-mauve) and Zoya Adina (darkish mauve with oil-slick green highlights.”

18. Holly: “I bought one of those little boxes of tiny OPI samples a few years ago. I think it was a summer set of some sort. It was all neon pinks and oranges. There was this one pink that had the slightest shimmer to it that was the best thing I had ever seen. I can’t find it anywhere now and have no idea what it was called. [Note: It turned out to be Flower To Flower!]

“I feel pretty nostalgic for colors I wore in the 90’s as a teen. In the mid 90’s when we started getting all psychedelic again, I had this really pretty olive greenish, goldish, purplish color that changed as you moved your hand. I know there’s a word for this and I have several modern colors like this, but I can’t think of it at the moment.

“Also, I loved metallics! Right now I’m wearing my first ever mint green color and I’m kind of loving it.”

19. RocketCan:China Glaze‘s Zombie Zest (LE from their Halloween collection a few years ago) gets me tons of compliments every time I wear it. It’s the first green polish I ever bought because I had to have it. I’d describe it, but it deserves pictures. My bottle is almost empty, and I’m hoping they re-release it this year or I WILL resort to eBay or some other online resource to replenish.”

20. Serena:Essie‘s Muchi Muchi! It looks so pretty on and always gets compliments :)”

21. Elena: “I’m relatively new to nail polishes, but my favvest ever is OPI‘s Yodel Me On My Cell, which is blue with greenish microglitter.”

22. LittleBird: “I love anything in the Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure line. It seems stronger and flexible than a lot of brands I’ve tried, even over expensive ones. It lasts for weeks on me! And the brush more broad and flat, which means it goes on smoothly in a few strokes instead of having to dip over and over again, making the polish all streaky and gummy with a tiny brush. Fave color right now: Frutti Petutie. Stupid name but it’s a fun warm coral-pink that makes my pasty self look tan!”

23. capoupascap:Chanel Taboo. It’s a vampy purple red. So pretty!”

24. Megan: “My all time favorite is princesses rule by OPI. It’s shimmery without looking too young and chips are subtle, so I can get away without a redo for a few weeks. Plus, it’s just pretty.”

25. Bethany Ramos: “I am very bad with brands, but I always like Essie – toes only!”

26. Maria Guido: “I have the nail beds of an 8-year-old so I don’t usually wear it – but when I do I usually buy Chanel and always a deep, deep red.”

27. Linda Lyon:Shellac, all the way! My nails just split and break without it!”