What Is Your Favorite Nail Polish Ever?

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In the past year or two, I have become a hardcore fan of painting my nails. While I used to find it tedious (in part because I didn’t understand how to best go about it), I now find it to be one of the most relaxing things to do every couple of days. Sitting in my bed with a nice beer watching Bob’s Burgers while painting my nails a nice shade of blue? Oh yes, my friends. That’s the ticket to Escoparadise.

Speaking of nail polish, allow me to inform you of my own favorites! While this occasionally changes, the two I have been most obsessed with this summer and can’t stop going back to are Morgan Taylor Varsity Jacket Blues and Ciate Shell Manicure in She Sells Seashells. The first is a creamy light blue that works well with my pale, cool complexion, especially when I wear yellow:

What Is Your Favorite Nail Polish Ever?I matched it with Morgan Taylor West Coast Cool which I think looks especially fun, but it works well on its own, too.

As for Ciate’s Shell Manicure, I just absolutely love how pretty and multidimensional it is! Rather than just one singular color, it has dozens of different shades of crushed shells that look iridescent but not too sparkly. It is a look I never thought I would be into, but now I’m totally in love with it.

You’ve told us your favorite lipsticks, perfumes, and beauty splurges, so let’s talk about the nail polish you love the most, whether it’s a specific color or just a favorite brand. Your hands deserve all the same attention your face, hair, and skin do, after all.

What’s your favorite nail polish ever? Tell us in the comments!