Besides telling us about your favorite nail polishes, we get lots of great beauty tips and tricks from our readers. This week you gave us suggestions for all of the inexpensive e.l.f. products we should be stocking up on and told us what makeup brand you cannot live without. I learned that I need to be going to the Benefit counter ASAP and filling up my makeup bag. We also found out that the ice cream that changes colors as you eat it, may sound cool, but it does weird things to your body. That is a very good beauty tip to know, especially if you are out in public.

Here are seven of the best beauty suggestions from our commenters this week:

1. pcampo on Controversial Cult Fave Yves Saint Laurent Touche Éclat Radiant Touch“I think this one is just a polarizing one. For some people it works wonders, for others, like for you Sam, it didn’t do anything worth $41. I personally liked it, but did I $41 liked it? I liked it $20 tops!”

2. Angela on All-Time Favorite Makeup Brands: “Stila. All of their palettes and holiday packs are fantastic and last forever. They are by far my favorite eyeshadows that are in rotation pretty much constantly. Their glosses are also not gloppy, greasy or too shiny, which is pretty amazing to me.”

3. simoneutecht on The Most WTF Stereotypes About Women Who Wear Bright Lipstick: “I recently started wearing very bright lipstick because I’m a 40 year old woman with stage 2 cancer and I thought to myself wtf am I waiting for, it pleases me to look pretty and I like the in your face quality about it a bit too.”

4. CatoGato on Things You Need To Know Before You Go Blonde: “I suggest just getting a clip-in hair extension in your color of choice (or get a blonde one and dye it yourself), that way you don’t do any damage to your hair and you can take it out or put it back in whenever you feel like it! Otherwise, you’re gonna have to bleach it.”

5. Alicia715 on Ice Cream That Changes Colors As You Eat It“I had one of those. It was white and would turn red. It was the worst purchase ever because my armpits were constantly red from body heat.”

6. allisonjayne on Pink Wedding Dresses: “My wife wore a black dress at our wedding! I wore red. I swear, some people are just so scared of stepping outside of tradition, and when someone else does it (and doesn’t immediately burst into flames), they get freaked out because they don’t have the nerve to do it themselves. Pffft.”

7. Tara on e.l.f. Beauty Buys That Cost Less Than Your Latte And Are Better Than The Expensive Versions“The Studio High Definition Powder is comparable (way better, IMO) to the Make Up Forever HD finishing powder, and about $30 less. I buy 2-3 at a time, because of course the stuff I love always ends up being discontinued.”