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There was a lot to see at the 2016 Golden Globes last night, and I’d say that only a solid 40 percent of it was actually good. Seriously, is it just me, or was that one of the worst Golden Globes’ in recent history? I can only assume that it has something to do with the fact that Tina Fey and Amy Poeher weren’t hosting, but then again, maybe it was Channing Tatum‘s decidedly Kate Gosselin-esque hairstyle or the fact that they let Quentin Tarantino onstage at all. 

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There were, of course, a few saving graces. There was the fact that bonafide sexpots Ryan Gosling and Steve Carell sat next to each other in all their smoldering glory, Lady Gaga won a Globe (and subsequently smacked right into Leonardo DiCaprio, thus creating the greatest GIF of the night), and of course, there was some absolutely stunning beauty. And some not-so-stunning beauty. But don’t worry, we’ll get to that. 

Read on for the best and worst beauty looks from the 2016 Golden Globe Awards!

Best Beauty

1. Sophia Bush

73rd Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals

So I’ll admit that I sort of forgot that Sophia Bush even existed, but the Chicago P.D. star looked absolutely gorgeous in her 100 percent classic looks. I loved her black column dress, but the smooth hair, bright red lip, and simple diamond jewelry were just perfect.

2. Amber Heard

amber heard golden globes

If I’ve said it once I’ve said it a hundred times: I will always love a wine-colored lip, and I love it even more when it’s paired with a simple eye look.

3. Corinne Foxx

73rd Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals

Quite possibly one of the cutest moments of last night’s show was when Jamie Foxx introduced his daughter, Corinne, as Miss Golden Globe, and the understated beauty (though those lashes are anything but subtle) played nicely with her relatively ornate gown. 

4. Jennifer Lawrence

73rd Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals

It goes without saying that JLaw is a stunner, but I loved how grown-up she looked at the show year. Personally, I love it when she wears her hair up, and that style in particular was definitely the right call with that thick statement necklace.

5. Saoirse Ronan

73rd Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals

I’m deeply disappointed that Saoirse didn’t get more recognition at the Globes, if only because it meant that her overall look spent less time onscreen. I’ve already told several people that I want to wear her Saint Laurent gown to my wedding, and the subtle, pretty makeup was the perfect counterpart. Oh, and her gold hairpiece was beautiful, too.

6. Amy Adams

73rd Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals

Oh, Amy Adams. You are my ginger queen.

7. Melissa Benoist

73rd Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals

Two fun facts: 1) I didn’t actually recognize Melissa Benoist at first despite having watched her Glee and following all the press surrounding Supergirl; and 2) At first glance, I thought she was wearing a jumpsuit. Neither of those fun facts are at all related to her hair and makeup, which, incidentally, were pristine.

8. Emmy Rossum

73rd Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals

When in doubt, going classic is a great way to go.

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Worst Beauty

1. Regina King

73rd Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals

There was just way too much happening with Regina King’s overall look. I kind of hated her sequined gown on first sight, and the addition of massive statement earrings and old Hollywood glamour-inspired hair was just unnecessary. This look could have done with some serious editing.

2. Olivia Palermo

73rd Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals

Again, here’s another look that just didn’t make any sense. I’m not normally one to follow standard color rules when it comes to fashion, but when you’re wearing a dress that’s only color accent is a reddish-orange shade, you don’t pair it with a fuschia lip, and you certainly don’t put liquid eyeliner in the inner corners of your eyes. That’s just common sense for your ocular health.

3. Rooney Mara

rooney mara golden globes

Rooney Mara was so, so close to making it onto the best beauty list. As a pale-skinned girl myself, I always appreciate a strong brow and a deep lip, but that weird braid wasn’t doing her any favors.

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4. Olivia Wilde

73rd Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals

A friend of mine had a problem with Olivia’s messy pseudo-faux bob, but I just wasn’t here for the oxblood smokey eye-chunky necklace combination. It was just too much. Olivia is too pretty to need all of that embellishment.

5. Maggie Gyllenhaal

maggic gyllenhaal golden globes

Nothing about this was good. I just want to shake Maggie and ask her what she was thinking when she left the house that day.

6. Katy Perry

73rd Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals

Katy Perry actually wore a Bumpit last night. That is all.

7. Taylor Schilling

taylor schilling golden globes

I didn’t actually see Taylor Schilling last night, so imagine my shock when I found this photo in my research this morning. It looks like she dunked her head in a bucket of mud and was then too lazy to clean all of it off. It’s just not a good look.

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