bethany mota

In case you were feeling too good about your accomplishments in life, here’s an eighteen-year-old girl who’s used her 6.5 million YouTube subscribers to start a clothing line, make bank, and create an empire. Her name is Bethany Mota— or Macbarbie07 to old school fans– and it’d be a lot easier to be jealous of her lifestyle if she weren’t the cutest freaking person. We love putting the spotlight on fashion and beauty bloggers who make the YouTube community a better place, and Bethany definitely fits that bill. To get you started with your new obsession, here are five adorable (and helpful!) videos!

1. Date Outfit Ideas + NO heat curls overnight! Don’t feel ashamed if you’re taking dating advice from a teenager. She might have a giant plushy unicorn, but she knows how to do her hair like nobody’s business. I’ve tried these styles, and they work really well with my hair type!

2. Running Late For School | Quick Hair fixes, Makeup, & Outfit. Even if you haven’t been late for class– or even enrolled in a class– for years, this video is full of advice that can translate to adult life. That blowdryer trick? Amazing.

3. A week in my style. Check your pride at the door and prepare to take fashion advice from a high school girl. She may be young, but Bethany already has an awesome sense of style. I would totally wear those black shorts.

4. Morning Routine: Summer 2014. Modern science hasn’t been able to explain why it’s so relaxing and pleasant to watch videos of strangers getting ready for their day, but I’m kind of obsessed with these videos. It’s fun to get some insight into how other people do their makeup– especially when they’re experts!

5. May Favorites 2014! Favorites videos are always super informative, since these bloggers get to try more products in a month than you have in your entire life. I bought the Too Faced palette she recommended and it’s pretty freaking great.

If you’re not too proud to take hair advice from someone who lives with her parents, Bethany has a lot to teach you. We hope you fall in love with her videos the same way we did!

Featured photo via @bethanynoelm on Instagram