Bethenny Frankel once released a drink called SkinnyGirl Margarita. Aside from sounding disgusting, the beverage also had the potential to cause cancer.

But nothing stops Bethenny Frankel from forging ahead in her career, and so now, she’s released another alcoholic drink for aspiring real housewives — SkinnyGirl Wine. According to its website:

I’m not a wine connoisseur, but I do love a refreshing, great tasting glass of wine and that’s what I’ve created.  There is a selection of red, white and rosé varietals, made from California grown grapes, and each serving is only 100 calories—15% lower that most other brands.

You guys, this is really depressing. Drinking wine is supposed to be fun and relaxing, not a time to worry about  15-20 calories. It’s just sort of a miserable reflection of society when absolutely everything we do is based on how we want to look instead of how we want to feel — especially because wine developed with the sole purpose of being lower in calories is very likely completely fucking gross.

You know what I’d drink? Something called HappyGirl Wine, designed to be as delicious as possible (this particular brand name does not exist as far as I know, although most wines are designed to be delicious, not low-calorie). That reflects my preferred way of life. How about you?

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