The new “Skinny Pepsi” can has been raising eyebrows this fashion week. Just kidding! Too much Botox, no eyebrow movement. But it has been causing a bit of a stir. (Get it? Stir? Like a drink!)

Diet Pepsi reps released a statement saying that the “taller, sassier new skinny can” is “a celebration of beautiful, confident women.” Look, we like skinny chicks as much as we like curvaceous chicks – but there is something questionable about equating “skinny” with “confident.” And we wondered how one of our favorite designers, Betsey Johnson, ended up working with Pepsi on their skinny campaign, especially since we think her clothes look so great one women who are curvier. So we asked her! Betsey told us:

“I’m very happy that this season the better priced collection is shown on 50 of my girls who are all shapes and sizes. And I’ve always supported feeling good and liking your body. It’s your home,  be happy. I’ve been just the opposite of skinny, skinny models. But I like the skinny can. It’s easier to hold, and it gets less cold. It’s lighter, now! And the skinny thing – I think it’s in fun. I think skinny or fat is in your mind.”

As to why Diet Pepsi wanted to work with her (other than because she is rad), Johnson notes:

“It’s funny that Pepsi wants to work with me and sponsor me. It’s great. I think anyone who knows my clothes knows more voluptous girls wear my clothes than thin girls. I think they chose to work with me because I’m kind of fun, and the approach is fun. The last thing they’re saying – or I’m saying – is “be skinny.” But really, how many different ways can you say “slim?” I think”skinny” is funnier. I’m glad they’re a part of fashion week because it’s important that the business stays strong… the more sponsors we have [the bigger fashion week can become]. It’ll turn into a superbowl next. And Pepsi is a very heavy duty company.”