blue-ivy-beyonce-tennisI became a celebrity baby fashion expert by accident. I don’t even really know how it happened. When I was picking a major in college, I never said to myself, “Someday I would like to be an expert on celebrity baby fashion.” Somehow that role just evolved, and I cannot say I am disappointed, because it means I am constantly surrounded with adorable pictures of celebrity babies like Blue Ivy.

Beyoncé’s daughter went swimming with her family, and the photos are enough to brighten my whole week. Just look at this impossibly adorable picture of Blue Ivy that Beyoncé posted to her official website.


In it, Blue Ivy wears a ruffled blue bathing suit covered in stars. She is dipping her little baby toes into the limpid waters of her family’s perfect pool, and she is so cute I can do nothing but squeal and flail.


She even has a little topknot. I had not previously seen a baby in a topknot, but now I am convinced that the topknot is a perfect style for a baby. It gets all the baby’s hair up and off her face, and it has the added benefit of making her look a bit like a pixie. Blue Ivy’s little topknot is adorable, and while it reminds me that a few weeks ago there was actually an utterly bullshit petition called “Comb Blue Ivy’s Hair,” going around, I believe that Beyoncé did not change her baby’s hair to please some Internet busybodies, and Blue Ivy looks adorable no matter how her hair is styled.


In addition to playing by the pool, Blue Ivy also went for a trampoline ride with her mom, and it was the cutest thing ever.