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Today has been a hell of a day for dropping music videos. First, Zayn Malik showed us just how much he loves sucking face with Gigi Hadid in the video for his first solo single, “Pillowtalk.” And now, Queen Bey has come and slayed everything.

[youtube_iframe id=”YykjpeuMNEk”]
Beyoncé appears in the Coldplay vid wearing a freakin’ gorgeous floor-length, head-to-toe embellished down and the largest, and probably heaviest, flower crown I’ve seen on a celeb to date (I say celeb because come on, you’ve seen the Cochella photos). Over her shoulders is a matching cape that proves once again that capes are in and you should totally wear one to work next week.

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Her beauty look is bold but mysterious, a smoky emerald shadow across her lids, a navy liner, and a dark plum lip.

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Bey is no stranger to going all out when it comes to music videos, or embellished gowns. But is her look translatable to an IRL one? I think so. Embroidered gowns, especially ones like her’s that is very obviously Sari-inspired, are a great way to wear a more complicated style but not get overwhelmed. And the dark-on-dark beauty look isn’t too out there either. Pair a smoky eye (maybe in a darker green) and a deep purple lip and you have the perfect makeup for going out.

And don’t forget the red nails.

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Here are a few examples of ways to get her look:



Like I said, an embroidered dress isn’t hard to work with, especially if you go short. The edgier style of the dress can help balance the (literal) heaviness of embroidered fabric and won’t take awa from just how gorgeous it is. If you’re in the market for a red-carpet worthy dress, try this one or if you need a sexier version, try this.

Get the look:

And I tired to find an affordable, floral cape, but all I could really find were these gorgeous works of art:


They’ll all run you over a grand.



For the lips, a dark plum is easy to come by, but you need to make sure it’s super-pigmented. If not, by the end of the night (no matter how long-wearing the formula is) you’ll end up looking like you’ve been eating too many blueberries. Not a Bey-approved look.

Get the look:



If you’re an eyeshadow wearer, you probably already have a color in one of your palettes for this look. If you’ve never really worn it before, you can easily find a saturated green to blend with black and make your perfect smokey eye. Plus, a great navy blue eyeliner is a must-have for anyone with brown eyes.

Get the look:



Bey’s nails in the video are a really bright reddish pink hue (you could call it magenta). It’s hard to find a good nail polish that toes the line between hot pink and bold red but there are a few, and these are the ones you’re gonna want to hold onto for when you go out at night.

Get the look:

And don’t forget your flower crown! You can check out Etsy for that one.