Beyonce hair

Beyonce last week.

Oh Beyonce. Oh, oh, oh Beyonce. You never fair to make me feel like I am bad at even things that are not necessarily things people can be “good” or “bad” at. Now, I feel bad for not being able to grow my hair out! Or, rather, for not being able to get extensions and suddenly pull off a bob within just a couple of weeks of chopping off all my hair.

As you all may recall, Queen Bey famously cut her lock locks into a gorgeous, honey blonde pixie cut just last week. While some readers and Facebook commenters felt that it aged her, most of our office and I thought it was a perfect cut for her face (though, let’s be honest, she could wear a wig made out of cream cheese in the sun and still look fiercely attractive). But alas, Beyonce has already changed her hair!

While out in Miami for lunch with Jay-Z and Blue Ivy, Beyonce revealed a choppy, angled blonde bob, as seen on E!. It is obviously pulled off by extensions which I am sure she can remove, but it still makes me wish she had kept her hair short; for my own selfish reasons, I totally would have loved another look at that lovely cut. It is considerably different than most of the long, flowing hairstyles she’s had over the past several years, though, and Beyonce — of course — looks fantastic.

As a side note, I have been growing out my hair from a pixie cut for, oh, three years and it is still not as long as I’d like. Give me some hair, Beyonce. You clearly have a surplus, girl.

Photo: Beyonce’s Instagram.