Beyonce hair dye gold long 2015It’s no secret that Beyonce has got a permanent hold on the world’s attention. From her adorable family to her occasional Instagram scandals, it’s hard to turn away when we spot headlines with her name–especially when they involve her magical, ever-changing hair. Lately, Beyonce’s been a bit more under the radar with her style, but an appearance at a basketball game with Jay Z over the weekend revealed lovely new locks.

The cool thing about Beyonce’s hair is that it is one of the first celebrity ‘dos that actually makes the “metallic” hair dye trend look wearable. (To be fair, everything is wearable on Beyonce, she could probably make deodorant streaks on an LBD look hot, but that is besides the fact.) According to Rita Hazan, the celebrity hair colorist responsible for the beautiful look, it’s a mix of hues and tones: “I added highlights that lightened up her whole look with different shades of blonde, honey, and platinum.”

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While many multicolored dye jobs can result in messy or unfocused results, this blend is perfectly designed to complement Beyonce’s complexion as well as her haircut. All in all, it is an excellent update for Queen Bey’s tresses in 2015. Now, all we have to do is wait for the media suspecting that Bey’s pregnant again to start freaking out over her dyeing her hair in 3…2…

Photo: Elsa/Getty Images Sport.