Beyonce Long Butt Length Dreadlocks NYC

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Yes, behind that cascade of braids, that really is Beyoncé. If you need any more proof that the pixie cut is over, this is it. Beyoncé’s butt-length braids are enough to give Rapunzel an inferiority complex and send the rest of us searching for some real-ish looking extensions.

She debuted the new style out in New York this week. Judging from the sharp angle of her neck, she still hasn’t gotten used to the weight of her micro braids. Given their length and ample number, I imagine their mass is equivalent to a filled purse (complete with magazines and iPad). Sometimes you have to suffer a bit for beauty (hello waxing), but if looks this cool I guess it’s worth it.

Like beauty chameleon Rihanna, Beyoncé enjoys switching up her look.

Just a few weeks ago she showed off a past-the-shoulder style, which was the longest we’d seen her hair in months. (Probably in preparation for her cool veiled updo at the Met Gala) How quickly things change.

56th GRAMMY Awards - Press Room

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Bey keeping the same hairstyle for a few months, is the equivalent to us keeping one for 10 years. She must have really like this choppy bob.

Here’s the pixie cut that made us all want to cut our hair. Now we will spend the next decade growing it out, in the hopes we’ll get hair that’s half the length of Beyoncé’s latest style.