Beyonce performs the National Anthem at the public ceremonial inauguration

While Michelle Obama got the brunt of our national attentions yesterday, Beyonce tried as hard as she could to steal some of that sweet, sweet spotlight. Though the big fashion news was that ruby Jason Wu gown and that graphic Thom Browne coat, the big beauty news–sorry Michelle, and we love your bangs!–was Beyonce’s orange nail polish.

So, yes, Amanda already mentioned that Beyonce and Jay-Z were looking all fancy yesterday, but apparently those nails are a big deal (celebrity manicurists have been trotted out). Isn’t it disturbing to live in a world with nail news? Or is it better this way?

Here they are, in all their orange-ness:

Beyonce performs the National Anthem at the public ceremonial inaugurationLook at those! Holy shit. We thought blinding brights were on their way out, too, but we’re sure Beyonce doesn’t make any aesthetic decisions that aren’t based on meticulous research and a vote by committee.

Since we were actually, weirdly, a little surprised to see such a bright color after a seemingly endless few seasons of over-exposed neon, we’ve decided to open this up to a poll:

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And on an only slightly related note, the easiest way to write that headline would be “Beyonce Rocks Orange Nails For National Anthem Performance,” etc… but we’re all adults here and don’t fucking use rock as a verb, right? That shit is annoying.

Also. Thoughts on Bey’s dress?

Beyonce performs the "National Anthem" at the public ceremonial inauguration

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