Check out Beyonce's NSFW pictures from Instagram!

As we all know, Beyonce is approximately as close as close as we’ll get to having actual royalty in the United States. We also all are aware that she is incapable of looking bad, as proven by every photo of her ever (one might argue that the “Beyonce ugly face” meme pictures are unattractive, but she actually just looks like a mega-hot person simply being deeply annoyed by the Internet’s immense scrutiny of her facial expressions). So, when she decided to post a bunch of fan-favorite pictures, it was no surprise that she looked really, really, ridiculously good looking in every single one. Here are a few:

Check out Beyonce's NSFW pictures from Instagram!

Check out Beyonce's NSFW pictures from Instagram!

Harper’s Bazaar

Check out Beyonce's NSFW pictures from Instagram! Check out Beyonce's NSFW pictures from Instagram!

You know, one of my favorite things about Beyonce is that while, yes, she is obviously a strikingly attractive person, I always feel prettier when I see pictures of her. She exudes this remarkable confidence that is contagious. While I may not fulfill the flat stomach, sharp jawline, perfect hair idea that is considered conventionally attractive, I still feel a small increase in happiness when I see her. I’m not saying most celebrities’ pictures make me jealous and sad, but they rarely, if ever, wind up making me feel better.

Anyway, The Daily Mail wrote about Beyonce’s pictures in a piece titled (well, sort of titled, in that bizarre way only the Daily Mail gives things titles that are actually just lengthy sentences) “Don’t forget about ME! Beyonce posts racy photos of herself online in the midst of Hollywood’s movie awards season.” It starts off by letting everybody know that Bey is trying to garner more attention now than ever because…people care a lot about movies at the moment:

The world is busy raising a glass to the movie industry this month for awards season.

But musical superstar Beyonce wasn’t about to be left out of the fun, ensuring she was certainly not forgotten by sharing a slew of saucy and revealing Instagram snaps with her doting followers.

Right. Because everything she does isn’t already being written about and discussed every single day. They go on to suggest her pictures might be contributing to sexism:

The eye-catching shots could be interpreted as being either at odds with the gender equality she recently published, or – perhaps more appropriately – well and truly in line with her opinion that women should of course be equal, independent and free to be themselves within society.

Eh, I’m skeptical of their “perhaps more appropriately” considering the Daily Mail is the furthest thing from appropriate on the planet. They literally have 3 articles on any given Tuesday that just talk about a famous woman’s body when she wears a bikini. There are at least 6 a day during the summer. So, long story short: Daily Mail, STFU.