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While picking Beyoncé‘s 2013 opus Beyoncé  for Album of The Year should be a no-brainer for the people in charge of that kind of thing at The Grammys, there’s one “accolade” of sorts that Bey already has locked down. What “title” am I speaking of? Why, best butt of course.

In a poll conducted by BodyBuilding Warehouse, a UK sports supplement company, Beyoncé beat out Rihanna, Pippa Middleton and Kylie Minogue for best bottom. People chose Bey and other  female celebrities in their thirties and fifties over those in their twenties as having the ‘fittest body parts,” according to The Daily Mail. Madonna got best biceps (duh), and Nicole Scherzinger, who is 36, was voted best abs. The coveted title of best legs went to Australian model Elle Macpherson.

Perhaps the reason the people taking this survey think Bey has a great body is that she’s a woman who is in her prime. She had a baby in 2012 and the best year of her professional life in 2013 AKA The Year Of Beyoncé.

Remember that time she and Jay Z performed together in Brooklyn in 2013? She and her gloriously muscular thighs were other worldly. While skinny Beyoncé definitely looks amazing belly dancing in the Baby Boy music video, she kind of represents a beauty standard I can’t achieve.  On the other hand Post-Blue Ivy Beyoncé in a onesie, with no thigh gap, feels a lot more relateable to me. The fact that she went on that vegan diet back then (and is sharing it with the world now) shows that you can be healthy even if you’re not waif thin.

All in all, I’m glad that these survey respondents saw fit to crown Beyoncé  Queen of butts. I’m hoping that Grammys follows suit on Sunday and gives her that Best Album nod we all know she deserves.

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