beyonce onstage

You know, there are a few places I would think that, as a woman, you can go and be fairly certain you will not be sexually assaulted. For instance… you know, okay, I can actually think of very few. But being a performer onstage was one of them. I basically thought that if you were a performer like Beyonce onstage performing, you could be fairly certain no one would sexually harass you.

As always, I thought wrong. According to ONTD: 

During Beyonce’s show in Copenhagen (5/27), a male fan stepped out of line and decided to smack Beyonce’s ass as she was performing “Irreplaceable”. How he managed to keep his life (and his hands) is beyond me – he’s lucky Julius was nowhere in the vicinity. Beyonce handled it like a pro and then kept it moving.

Just reached out and grabbed her butt as though it were some sort of Old West saloon. That’s bizarre to me. And what does “handling it like a pro?” constitute?

Beyonce turned to him and said “I will have you escorted out of here” and then carried on. You can see her in action, here:


Of course, some people don’t really understand that this wasn’t a great thing. One YouTube commenter states:

Moral To The Story

Well, if you market your goodies, eventually your goodies will get touched inappropriately.

Dancing and dressing like a stripper and SOME people will think of you as a stripper…. Just saying…….. We can agree to disagree……

But then I guess some people continue to think of the entire world as one old timey Western saloon.